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March 2018 Retro Gaming Article

March 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Nokia 8110 - the Matrix phone - is making a nostalgic comeback and you can still play Snake

Nokia 8110 phone
Neo made that Nokia look pretty slick back in 1999!
When The Matrix debuted, I found myself at a midnight showing, which was counter to my movie enjoyment. I'm a matinee movie-goer. I like being the only one in the theater at 11am taking in a cool flick. That night (morning?) at the Matrix was pretty crazy.

The late 909s were a unique era and a blockbuster like The Matrix was having a big impact on the growing cyber generation who were charging around the web as though they'd been doing so for decades. The Matrix made everyone feel like a cyber warrior. So Neo gets the delivery at the office. Rips open the cardboard envelope and out slides a phone. It rings. It springs open and the theater went crazy.

8-bit Neo from the Matrix I don't know what was in the air in that theater, but every kid in the place began screaming at the spring-loaded marvel of cellular wonder. The Nokia 8110. Suddenly all the scifi was flushed as lustful teens made audible pledges that this was their next phone. At $1K... I doubt it.

The Matrix Phone Arrives In May

So, Nokia is bringing back the Matrix-phone in May. You can now own this 4G delight complete with the infamous Snake game. Much like last year's reissue of the 3310, The Matrix phone is a dumb phone. It has none of the features your curent phone has, but it has Neo's stamp of approval.

As an entry level phone, you'll get 512K RAM and 4GB of flash storage with an SD card option to expand upon that. The 2.4" display with a 240320 resolution is as lame as the 2MP camera, but that's bolstered by the Neo effect. This is Neo's phone. The Matrix Phone! For the right price I'd get one... and a black trenchcoat.

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