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September 26, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Internet's recent surprise over the existence of a 2-player Duck Hunt game shows how little we read

NES Duck Hunt art
Those in the know often used this Duck Hunt game option to trick the light-gun player.
NES Duck Hunt manual A ripple recently went through the Internet as word of a 2-player Duck Hunt game surged across social media. Many people were stunned by this news. Others new about it and used the player-2 controller to secretly mess with their younger siblings. It is a neat trick if the light-gun player thinks they are in a single player game..

I was unaware of this game variation, but I do enjoy reading and poking around to find out more about video games. So, I went to the game's manual to see what the fuss was about.

Indeed there is an option in Game A where the second controller allows you to move the ducks horizontally and vertically. As fun as this sounds (not so much) this game variation was destined for abuse. Our hearts go out to all the younger siblings subjected to this by their older brother. LOL

Reading The Manual

Anyone remember RTFM? "Read The Fucking Manual" used to be a mantra among those who grew tired of explaining thing over an over. These days, video game manuals no longer exist in printed form. Occasionally, I encounter one and it feels like a joyful trip down a familiar path. In-game tutorials are the new "manual" that we had back in the day.

Coming from the Atari era, the games were so simple, manuals were not really a necessity. I enjoyed the written backstory to many 2600 games, but primarily used manuals to reference game options. I've gone back to a lot of them and found all sorts of gems buried in those flimsy little pamphlets.

I should have applied this logic to Duck Hunt long ago!

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