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December 2018 Retro Gaming Article

December 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The release of Sony's Playstation Classic didn't seem to sell out like the Nintendo mini consoles

The featured games, emulation, and price seem to be the main detractors to this seemingly apt release.
Unlike Nintendo's continued success with their two mini consoles, Sony may have tried to take that success to a new financial height. After other offerings in this somewhat new market of mini consoles, I felt Sony's paltry offering of only 20 games was poor.

Many didn't like the game selections, but I had no real issues with the titles they chose. Where I felt they failed was in quantity. At $100, I expected more games - a lot more. 45 - 60 titles seems more in line with that pricing. Granted they provided two controllers, but that left me with a bad vibe. Oh yeah, there's no power supply - just a USB cable.

Few games and steep price took the Playstation Classic off my must-have list.
Then it came out that Sony opted to use an existing emulator rather than develop their own. That struck me as strange since the PS2 presumably uses emulation to play the PS1 library of games. That being the case, Sony should have a good handle on porting that to their Classic console. Apparently not.

Then it was revealed that several (nine, I believe) games are PAL versions and run slower than their NTSC counterparts. That is just plain strange.

Adding up these factors, I opted not to buy this console. I still stand by the notion that mini consoles are for jolts of nostalgia, not hardcore gaming. AtGames cornered the low-end of the market, but still the minis released from Nintendo and others are designed for the casual gamer who may have fond memories of gaming as a child.

Those of us who grew up gaming and never stopped need a better product. Analogue offers the kind of next-gen consoles the hardcore crowd craves. FPGA is the way to go!

Sony PlayStation Classic consoles at Best Buy Sony PlayStation Classic consoles on the shelf at Best Buy the day after they went on sale. 16 remained te day after. We lined up at the crack of dawn to get the NES and SNES minis!
Sony PlayStation Classic consoles at Best Buy Sony PlayStation Classic consoles at Best Buy.

Another interesting facet to these "classic consoles" is their future. What next. Nintendo had two successful years of minis and everyone expected an N64 mini this year - but Nintendo declined. What about the Neo Geo tabletop and Sony's offering. Will Sony release another one next year with a different set of games?

AtGames set a standard of a "new release" each holiday season, but these units take up space and don't offer a lot of games. Is this wave of minis a fluke? A temporary stop-gap as the big boys ready their next major console updates? Time will tell...

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