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September 2018 Retro Gaming Article

September 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Polymega pre-orders come to a halt due to website problems

Polymega pre-orders come to a halt
Just when you thought a modular expandable retro gaming console was coming to fruition, the website fails and the product is 7 months out anyway.
Yesterday's pre-order launch was supposed to begin for this unique modular retro console. We began taking interest in this project last year, but the roller coaster effect was a bit too much. Hype would emerge and recede with no solid info on timing.

As a concept, we dig it. A disc-based unit allows several different platform game discs to be played and modules are sold which connect to this base unit giving capability for a variety of cartridge based games. You could buy an NES module or an Atari 2600 module. Buy them a la carte depending on they type of game carts you own.

The main appeal is not having to hook up a separate console for every platform - like most of us do. Hyperkin's Retron series offer some relief by combining multiple systems into one unit, but Polymega seemed to take it farther in a more elegant manner. But I have to say, I love my Retron77!

Polymega Pre-Order Woes

A seemingly large amount of traffic overwhelmed their server. LOts of orders? impatient browser refreshing? Some sort of attack? All sorts of possibilities exist, but now they've been down for 24 hours with none of the site accessible. They've spoken o switching servers and other behind the scenes solutions, but it's taken it's toll on would-be customers.

Prior to the server outage, several customers alluded to $500+ pricing and a 7 month wait until the final product is delivered. Naturally, I want to visit the site to see about pricing and timing, but this sort of order failure doesn't bode well when pricing is high and wait times are lengthy. We hope they resolve things soon and can get all the information and ordering capabilities back online.

So far, this is what has appeared on the Polymega Twitter account:

Polymega tweets September 6 - morning update: The website is now displaying a "We'll be back soon" message. Hopefully, they can return functionality soon and regroup to relaunch their pre-order scenario.

Polymega standby message

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