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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The complete list of 20 games, built-in to the PlayStation Classic, has been announced

PlayStation Classic
You can't please everyone, so naturally everyone has a gripe about missing games they feel should be included.
A handful of titles were teased this past September for the PlayStation Classic, but today all twenty have been revealed. This device will be released on December 30th for $99. While the PlayStation was a pivotal console, the full game list will likely be a deciding factor for many.

Here are the games included on the PlayStation Classic:
  1. Battle Arena Toshinden
  2. Cool Boarders 2
  3. Destruction Derby
  4. Final Fantasy VII
  5. Grand Theft Auto
  6. Intelligent Qube
  7. Jumping Flash
  8. Metal Gear Solid
  9. Mr Driller
  10. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  1. Rayman
  2. Resident Evil Director's Cut
  3. Revelations: Persona
  4. Ridge Racer Type 4
  5. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  6. Syphon Filter
  7. Tekken 3
  8. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  9. Twisted Metal
  10. Wild Arms

AtGames seemed to have cornered the mini console market until Nintendo came around and did it right with the NES Classic Edition, followed by the SNES model. That success was so notable that other developers began jumping on the bandwagon with their own retro gaming devices for the holidays. AtGames got that part right... lots of casual gamers like to go retro for Christmas.

I jumped on the NES Classic Edition for it's novelty and I suppose the same could be said for the SNES model too, but I feel I'm done with this fad. I have too many HDMI devices craving USB power sources camped out around my TV. With both HSMI & USB switch-boxes, I'm still out of ports. But it's not all about ports and clutter.

There are enough cool titles, but $99 is steep.
These things are creeping up in price. AtGames taught us that Flashbacks would be about $40-$50 before Christmas and could go as low as $25 in the off-season. I was willing to pay more for Nintendo's offerings because they were solid products with good emulation. As time marches on, developers seeking similar success are brushing up against the $!00 mark. No thanks.

Casual gamers - for whom these devices are really aimed - will pay more to dive into some childhood nostalgia. The rest of us can rattle off a half-dozen other ways to enjoy the same games at a much more reasonable cost.

And lets not forget these games are emulated. Nintendo is the king of backward compatibility with their former consoles - all performed via emulation. Nintendo has done a nice job. The PS2 will play PSone games, but that's were Sony's backward compatibility ended, although the PS3 had a brief spell of PS2 love. So how good is the emulation on the PlayStation Classic? At the moment I feel like sitting this one out until more gamers weigh in with their experiences. Considering the price, this is a much different purchase than a console of Atari 2600 games.

Best Buy has partnered with Limited Run Games If this trend continues, I hope these mini consoles will be designed with expansion packs or legal means for expanding the game library without needing to buy another console. I'm surprised the AtGames folks haven't tried to do this rather than issuing a new Flashback console each year.

I wish Sony well with this device, but as a retro gamer, I have most of the PSone games I want. Even if it can be expanded via an inevitable December 4th hack, I'll stick with my original hardware for now.

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