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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 20, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Razer's CES proto lets you play mobile games on a laptop by docking your Razer phone

Razer Project Linda
Do smartphones really possess enough power to use their portable convenience as the guts of a laptop?
Renown for displaying interesting prototypes at CES, Razer did not disappoint with Project Linda - a docking station for Razer smartphones. There's not much inside the "docking station" since the phone is the processor. The aluminum case offers a 13.3" screen and keyboard. The base contains a battery - and this is the part I love... The internal battery in the laptop is used to charge the Razer phone, up to four times!

My experience with a variety of smartphones is their quality. They're not particularly good as either a phone or a computer. I wonder if a smartphone is suitable to be the powerhouse of a laptop. It seems like putting a larger chasis on a Ford Fiesta and saying it's an off-road vehicle.

Razer Project Linda It's possible to buy an actual laptop for less than the exorbitant cost of a smartphone. That being the case, why use a mobile device as the guts of a laptop by spending more to achieve the "laptop" scenario. I'll admit I'm not a fan of smartphones.

I"m a gamer and smartphones have delivered some great games, but the platform is moderately awful - not the basis of a larger device. Nintendo handhelds deliver a great gaming experience. I've never has issues with any of my Nintendo handhelds, which I bring with me just like my phone. But that phone...

Every phone I've owned has had large disappointments along the way. I feel many smartphones are cheaply made with a high instance of planned obsolescence to force us to buy new ones every year or two. Sure that sounds paranoid, but think about other devices in your life that SO NOT fail often. Hmmm... what's the difference?

Razer's idea is interesting, but I see it only benefitting Razer devotees and won't likely come to other brands as there's no standard. You can't shove a Samsung S8 into Razer's dock. Technology is an interesting beast in the ways it grows and advances.

I think marketing is forcing up the cost of smartphones. We depend on them (like an addiction) so the price rises to meet our craving. Most products come down in price over time. Not so with smartphones. Sure they get better batteries and faster processors, but when Apple announces their $1,000 iPhone, I had to laugh. The price far outweighs it's utility.

If only my smartphone was as reliable and trouble-free as my Nintendo 2DS. As interesting as tech advances are, I'm not sure I need to pay more to put a screen on a device whose price rises due to it's portability. This seems like an odd circle in which we pay to return to where we started. I adore my 2DS for games (and a few games on my phone) but the Nintendo Switch seems like a wonderful new path to portability with the addition of a large screen.

So, I dislike smartphones, love Nintendo, and power to Razer's creativity. It all spawns advancement!

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