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April 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

On Record Store Day, I was much more interested in getting this AC/DC cassette

Record Store Day
This year, amidst the many vinyl special releases was a re-issue of AC/DC's Back In Black on cassette!
Each year I become more and more interested in the resurgence of vinyl, but Record Store Day feels like an event for the youth who've never relied on this medium to listen to music. for them, it's a lark. Having gone from Beta to VHS to LaserDisc to DVD and from vinyl all the way through CDs - I don't want to duplicate another collection on a medium from my childhood.

But I don't say this in a bad way. I love vinyl, as much as I still praise the quality of my Betamax, and am excited to see a new generation delving into it's crisp vibrant sound with today's modern bands. I'd never have thought that Metallica or TaylorSwift would ever be available on vinyl these days.

I grew up buying vinyl, just as 8-tracks were fading away in favor of cassette tapes. Even as a kid, I loved the vibrant sound of vinyl and recognized that pre-recorded cassette tapes did not sound nearly as good.

AC/DC Back In Black on cassette This realization led me to continue buying my favorite bands on records and treated my vinyl as archival treasures. Each Kiss, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC album I purchased was played once. During that playing, I recorded it onto a cassette. The sound quality of a good cassette was fine with me and this preserved my beloved albums. If a tape failed or was "eaten" by my stereo, I'd re-record another one from the vinyl.

As I reached driving age, car stereos were a big deal. Everyone seemed to want a custom install with a big equalizer, power amp and a trunk full of big speakers. For me and my group of friends, we needed to crank Van Halen on the way to the arcade.

AC/DC On Record Store Day

A month or two ago, I discovered AC/DC's Back In Black was going to be re-issued on cassette for Record Store Day. Suddenly, I was excited about this vinyl holiday! I have all the albums I bough when I was a kid, so the cassette option sounded pretty cool.

I got up early this morning to head down to the local record store and seek out this treasure. A small line had formed by 7:50 am, but I was confident I could get a copy of Back in Black. they only had three copies, but I left with one of them along with a free RSD tote bag and pin. They even had a faux Derek Smalls record sleeve. Cool deal.

I don't know if I'll ever wind up playing my Back In Black cassette, but it brings me back to a pivotal era in my youth when this album swept through our school and everybody was crazy about this band.

I knew of a small record store that sold a lot of import albums and I was one of the few kids in school who owned all the AC/DC albums prior to Back In Black.

The Mall's New Arcade Prepares To Open

My craving for Back In Black on cassette took me down to the mall a few hours before any stores were open. With no way to control crowds, I took a walk around the dark silent mall that is usually full of energy... and lights. It was kind of creepy, but also wonderful! For months the arcade has been in the process of renovation to become a dining, lasertag, bowling, arcade destination - The Tenpin Eatery. Just days from opening, I noticed the barricades that had hidden their progress for months were down. The arcade was in full view!

I dashed down and ran into one of the owners, who I'd previously met through my job. He invited me in for a quick tour! This place is insanely awesome and I can't wait to resume capping off my workdays with a dose of arcade action!

Tenpin Eatery opening in the mall

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