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November 2018 Retro Gaming Article

November 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Red Bull codes unlock mazes in the Pac-Man mobile app, but 7-Eleven has the game in a full-size cabinet (you can too)

Red Bull Pac-Man
Red Bull has quite a slick display for this Pac-Man tie-in with Namco!
My goal is to drop in on the various 7-Eleven's in my area in search of this whacky Pac-Man arcade game. Looks like fun and I'll bet I can play for hours without getting kicked out as long as I keep buying Slurpees.

Part of the Red Bull Pac-Man promotion with the Pac-Man mobile app. If you enter the code from your RB can, you can unlock special mazes. But more than that, you can also snag a Red Bull in-game and it will give you a special ability. PAC-MAN can eliminate Ghosts in their non-edible form after chomping a Red Bull can, when it appears in the maze.

Go download Pac-Man if you don't already have it and snag a code from your Red Bull can... and chomp some cans to gobble those ghosts!

Red Bull Pac-Man arcade in 7-Eleven

PAC-MAN'S Pixel Bash Chill

PAC-MAN'S Pixel Bash Chill

If you're in need of an arcade/fridge combo in your game room, $3,000 will get this Namco unit delivered, with it's own bottle holder beneath the joystick. The unit isn't just about Pac-Man. It has 32 licensed built-in games.

It has authentic controls, an LCD screen, and a refrigerator. What more could your man-cave need?

The unit includes the following games:
Bosconian, DigDug, Dragon Spirit, Galaga, Galaga 88, Galaxian, Mappy, PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN Pac Mania, Rally-X, Rolling Thunder, Xevious, Baraduke, Dragon Buster, DigDug II, Tower of Druaga, Gaplus, Grobda, Hopping Mappy, King & Balloon, Metro-Cross, Motos, New Rally-X, Pac & Pal, PAC-MAN Plus, Rompers, Skykid, Skykid Deluxe, Splatterhouse, Super PAC-MAN, and Super Xevious.

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