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June 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Let's not remake The Last Jedi when that energy could be put toward a better endeavor in the future

Remake The Last Jedi? WTF?
Disney owns Star Wars. YOU can't remake their film, nor will Disney - wake up!
I've been a fan of Star Wars since the first movie my mom took me to see back in '77. The franchise is full of great stories. Some are better than others... such is the nature of stories. Stories have two sides: the story teller and the audience. These are distinct separate entities without overlap.

Stories are to be told and shared, not judged. Telling stories an ancient skill of passing down tales. But I digress. The point is that stories belong to the teller. If you enjoy the story, you benefit and learn from hearing it. If not, move on. The world is full of stories and adventures. However, regardless of how you feel about a story, it belongs to the story teller.

Remake Star Wars?!?

Social media revealed several recently created accounts by someone who is so dissatisfied with Star Wars The Last Jedi, they want to petition Disney and Lucas Arts to remake the film. There's even a website dedicated to a Last Jedi remake. I'm assuming it belongs to a disgruntled fan who pines for a more satisfying story, unaware that amidst great stories are billions of others that are dreadful. The key is to find the good ones and move on.

We've all seen bad movies. A majority of all movies are awful - in my opinion. If I wanted to remake every movie I disliked, I wouldn't nave time to breathe. Certainly the Star Wars franchise is larger and more significant than many, but at the end of the day... they're all just movies.

Perhaps, I should remind you that I love Star Wars.

Remake The Future... Not The Past

Rather than trying to convince Disney into remaking a film (which they won't) I'd like to see this motivation put toward something far better. Waging a campaign to get Disney to remake The Last Jedi is blatantly ridiculous. Fifteen years from now, I'd love to hear about an amazing new sci-fi film that comes out of nowhere and changes the way we look at the future and ourselves.

I'd love to read an interview with the writer or director and discover their motivation to create something astounding came from a dissatisfaction they felt in high school when they saw The Last Jedi. Feeling as though it ruined Star Wars for them, they decided to create something even better. THAT is what I'd like to see. Changing the past is futile. Changing the future is cool AF!

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