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February 2018 Retro Gaming Article

February 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The RepliCade mini Tempest arcade cabinet plays like the original and looks great on your shelf

Atari VR
Using the original arcade Rom, New Wave Toys is producing 1/6th scale RepliCade arcade machines with stunning realism and full playability!
You may have seen New Wave Toys' former creation - their Atari licensed mini Centipede arcade game. It got rave reviews and has been followed up by Atari's Tempest! One of my favorite games. Again using crowd funding this RepliCade game is made from wood and metal with authentic artwork and details. RepliCade games are about 12-inches tall making them very unique.

I used to own five full-size arcade cabinets and loved them dearly. But they are large and very heavy. RepliCade games look nice on a shelf or display. While playing arcade games on a laptop can be fun, there's something about these mini cabinets that offer enough "arcade feel" to make the experience much better. Your laptop doesn't have a back-lit marquee :)

The Tempest RepliCade features a 3.5" LCD full-color screen and a quality speaker driven by a 3 watt amp for a great gaming experience. Check out the RepliCade Tempest Kickstarter campaign and see if this wonderful creation wouldn't enhance your game room or office.

RepiCade arcade machines My GI Joes went on rugged adventures full of action and excitement. Battle-trodden and weary, they'd return from their heroics to clean their weapons and ret up for the ext campaign. Had they had an arcade full of golden-age games, who knows what heights they may have reached...
RepiCade arcade machines If you have the Centipede RepliCade, you know the tempest game will look great next to it. Start building up your own mini arcade!

My Obsession With Tempest

One fateful Summer, a friend and I discovered the local pizza shop had a cocktail Tempest game. With a slice & a Coke on the edge, we played that game constantly. The owners were delighted to see us... as long as we kept eating. I have no recollection of how much pizza we consumed during our marathon sessions at that table. Strangely, I know live in that town we once vacationed in and while the pizza shop is still there (30 years later), my beloved Tempest is not.

Back in '93 I was at Nobody Beats The Wiz on launch day for the Atari Jaguar. I loved the pack-in game, Cybermorph, and Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy, but Tempest 2000 really made that console shine! My buddy and I played T2K as though we were 10 again - sitting on the floor five feet in front of the television. Those were the days!

Just a few years later, the PlayStation ushered in a slew of compilation games containing a multitude of arcade classics. For all the times I played Defender, Joust, or Dig Dug... Tempest never seemed to make the cut. Was there a cut? Why was Tempest excluded from these compilation discs? Maybe I was just blind to it's release - who knows.

The PlayStation evolved and I followed along until the PS4. I held off and waited. With plenty of PS3 games to play and a general disgust for the eradication of backward compatibility, I delved into Nintendo's Wii. But the company that made the Atari Flashback each year did a curious thing in 2016. AtGames released Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for the PS4. The first volume contained the arcade version of Tempest!

I told my son about the pizza shop, Minter's T2K, and surprised him at Christmas when we went to WalMart to price-match a PS4 for a ridiculously small sum. His mind was a blur with all the titles we could now play. I let him pick out a few, but when we got home, you know I went straight for that disc containing Tempest!

Check out the RepliCade mini Tempest Kickstarter - we always get excited about a new way to play this amazing Atari game!

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