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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Retro Fighters Combo Controller for Nintendo's Switch is available for pre-order

Retro Fighters Combo Controller
Having extensively played with Retro Fighter's NES controller, I'm very excited for their Switch controller!
We are very excited about Retro Fighters Combo Controller for Nintendo's Switch... and not just because of the cool neon blue color. These guys make a quality product! Having used their NES controller, I'm confident the Switch Combo Controller will be a solid, high quality controller.

Like their former NES controller (they made a slick N64 controller too) the Switch Combo Controller is a wired device, also compatible with Mac and PC - bonus! Like the Joy Cons, Retro Fighters controller has a built-in gyro.

My favorite aspect of this controller is the inclusion of shoulder/trigger buttons. This is similar to the NES model that provided many options for controlling your games. As a player, you simply need to experiment a bit to see which buttons work best for your style of play. I'm assuming the same is true of the Combo controller. I see it as a device that will expand on the options contained in Nintendo's Joy Cons.

The pre-order is open and these neon blue gems can be ordered through Amazon or Castlemania Games.

Retro Fighters Combo Controller
Retro Fighters Combo Controller

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