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May 2018 Retro Gaming Article

May 4 , 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I didn't understand the appeal of SmartWatches, until they incorporated the Super Zapper Recharge

Do I really need a device on my wrist to tell me what's happening on the phone in my pocket?
Tempest arcade face for the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch I've always thought of smartwatches as an extension of one's smartphone. While your phone is in your pocket, the watch can alert you to events. To me it seems like an expensive item that simply tells you what's up in your pants-pocket. I'd rather fish out my phone than have to charge another device every day.

I used to wear a watch, but carrying around a phone has replaced that need. there's only so much stuff I really want to cart around where ever I go. The watch shown hee is the Samsung Gear S3.

None of the tech or apps have really swayed my opinion on smartwatches, but along comes a Tempest arcade clock-face and I suddenly reassess the entire concept. Wow, maybe I really do need a smartwatch. The sad truth is there was once a time when I'd gladly have forked over the funds to put a Tempest-looking watch on my wrist

Thankfully, I'v wised up over the years. While this is insanely cool, I still don't find enough utility in smartwatches to warrant the price and hassle. If the Apple Watch didn't catch on... well, that speaks volumes to me and I'm an Android user!

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