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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As Sears ponders bankruptcy, they were once home to Atari, Nintendo, and the Kardashians

Sears Video Arcade via Atari
Mismanagement and greed has finally caught up with one of our oldest department stores that once took catalog sales to a thriving brick & mortar scenario!
Sears has been one of my go-to stores for decades. From buying Atari games as a kid to filling out my wardrobe without breaking the bank, Sears has been a staple of Malls and my shopping routine. I bought a washer and dryer there just a few years ago and replaced our old fridge not long before. Say what you want, but it's a great store.

It's a great store, but like many other aging stores, it hasn't changed with the times. he sears in my area is always well stocked and organized quite well. Many others look like thrift stores. The chain is aging and upper management is riding the greed-train to the bitter end.

Sears Video Arcade via Atari

Sears Likely To Seek Bankruptcy Protection

News flew around the Internet today about Sears hiring advisors to examine bankruptcy procedures. A large looming debt payment is right around the corner and the money isn't there.

Experts say Sears could file for bankruptcy as soon as the end of this week. Still, today Sears emailed me a coupon for $11 off a $15 purchase. Clearly a few disconnects between Marketing and Finance.

I have vivid memories of checking out Atari 2600 games at one of the "stations" at Sears. I recall several 2600s bolted down to the counter with a game cart inserted. Play-testing was the best way choose new games! Sears was also the first retailer to offer Nintendo's NES console nationwide.

Long before the internet delivered every single piece of gaming info known to man or beast, there were things called newspapers. Of course by the time you saw a game ad in the paper, the game had been out for weeks. Instant gratification was an unknown concept in those early days. I'd go to Sears while my Mom shopped and I'd check out the Atari stuff hoping she'd let me buy a new game. Good times!

Sears Lost Its Luster

Having sold off many of it's most valuable assets like Whirlpool and Craftsman, there's not much left. Even though my local Sears is in quite good shape, its the one part of the mall where few cars park. Five or Six salesmen chat in the appliance department hoping someone will venture in for a sale. Ready to answer customer questions, these poor guys don't seem to know the Internet provides all the info consumers need. Does upper management even know this? It's a sad state.

I love Sers and really like a lot of what they carry, but even my store shows it's age in staffing and technology. It doesn't seem like the place that sold me the latest hot video games and offered styles by the Kardashian clan (even Kendall had Sears Style).

Target already had plans to take over the space my local Sears now occupies. Sears had planned to downsize and move select brands to a smaller location. The bankruptcy news makes it unclear if there is any possible salvation or if corporate greed sealed the deal.

Sears style with the Kardashian sisters

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