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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

My local Toys R Us is inundated with Skylanders Superchargers and has resorted to selling by the case

Skylanders Superchargers sold by the case
On rows of pegs, in bargain bins, and now they're selling cases of 12. Skylanders Superchargers are tough to get rid of.
My son was the perfect age when Activision launched their Toys To Life game Skylanders. Each Christmas another game was released with another set of figures to buy. After a while it got on my nerves that they wouldn't release more games to go along with the existing base of Skylanders figures. I thought they could have easily released two or three games for each set of figures.

But why bother when consumers keep buying them regardless. They should have given each set of figures a more diverse experience in the form of additional games. So, we bought them all. Yeah - all of 'em. At great expense. So, it kills me now to see most of the remaining super chargers at $2 or less during the Toys R Us liquidation sale.

Apparently, the sale isn't going too well as they have shelves and pallets full of Skylanders Superchargers cases. They have the individual ones on pegs and in bins, but they just aren't moving. Now they are trying to sell them by the case. I guess the toys-to-life era has officially ended.

Skylanders Superchargers sold by the case

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