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April 2018 Retro Gaming Article

April 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I could go for Denny's Bacon Cheddar Tots and a pack of Solo trading cards

Denny's is offering packs of Solo trading cards along with collector-cups and menu items inspired by the film.
Denny's Solo trading cards It was Star Wars Episode One that last had me snatching collectibles from local fast food restaurants. I kinda miss those days, but I also have more than enough pop-culture clutter festooned around my house. But Solo: A Star Wars Story trading cards? They don't take up much space :)

I love toys and ramdom merchandise associated with huge movie releases. It stirs up the fun and I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff. There are 12 cards in total created by Topps and are sold in packs of 2 with an included coupon.

I don't have a Denny's anywhere near me. If I did, I'm certain I'd be ordering up packs of these dards and sucking down Blaster fire Burgers and Bacon Cheddar Tots. If you have a Denny's nearby, stop in for some trading cards or take a look online at Denny's Website.

Denny's Solo trading cards Denny's last foray into space was with Atari and a number of mobile games - Hashteroids for example.

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