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September 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Insomniac Games agreed to embed his marriage proposal in Spider-Man, then Maddie dumped him

Insomniac Games embeded his marriage proosal
It's so cool that Insomniac agreed to embed his proposal, but Maddie dumped him for his brother! Love is fickle...
This story has been going around, but who knows what really went down between these two. As a gamer, I love this proposal idea and it's insanely cool of the developers to agree to it and make it happen! But not everyone is like me.

Apparently, Maddie dumped him weeks before the game was released, but some articles are reporting she didn't want that kind of proposal. Sounds great to me, but I like video games. I wonder how many more people will think it's that simple and beg devs to add stuff like this into upcoming games.

Insomniac offered to remove the message in an upcoming patch. So, if you have a soft spot for love and want to see this message, you may want to look sooner rather than later. For those looking to become internet-famous with a similar stunt, you may be better off buying a copy of NES Maker and creating the game yourself. Now THAT is a proposal!

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