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May 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Super Burgertime for Nintendo Switch enhances the original with new power-ups and co-op play

Super Burgertime for Nintendo Switch
I'm a huge fan of Burgertime, but the 2-player co-op option sold me on this sequel! Use your Spatula, Pepper, and Frying Pan!
As a fan of Burgertime, I was stoked to hear of Burgertime World Tour for Wii back in 2011. At the time I wasn't aware of the actual arcade sequel, Super Burgertime (1990). In fact I'd not given it much thought until I heard this elusive sequel was coming to Nintendo's Switch... with 2-player co-op play!

Flying Tiger Entertainment has released this Data East classic on the Switch with other platforms to follow. It''s the fourth title in their Johnny Turbo's Arcade series of Data East releases. Staying true to the original, Super Burgertime features competitive co-op play (introducing Peer's bother) with a host of new weapons, new enemies, power-ups, a larger play-field, and updated graphics.

Priced at $7.99, this game seems destined for downloads. Check it out on the Nintendo Switch e-shop.

Super Burgertime for Nintendo Switch Super Burgertime for Nintendo Switch

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