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August 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Internet touts it's boorish stupidity as the first official Terminator glimpse is released

first official Terminator pic
Some folks think it's an all female cast, fearing James Cameron may have forgotten about Arnold and all those scary robots.
Today we got the first official look at the new Terminator film featuring Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton. It will be directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison. You can catch it in the Fall of next year.

We know the storyline will pick up where 1991's T2 left off, ignoring the subsequent films. What we didn't know was how quickly some fans would forget that all the Terminator films have featured strong female characters. One guy saw the promo image with three women and commented his displeasure with the all-female cast. What?!? A Twitter user likened it to the "all-girl ghostbusters movie" and went on to say it was crap.

Strong women have always been a focal point of the Terminator franchise.
The awesomeness of having Linda Hamilton return is she's a badass! She formed John Connor to lead the resistance. The waitress we met in the first film graduated to become a leader. It was a cool transformation to see her accept and excel at teaching John everything he'd need to know.

Linda Hamilton is a woman. Sarah Connor is a woman. Yet, some fans are still surprised to see women featured in the upcoming Terminator film. I have a theory about trolls and internet hate. We see so much of it these days, one tends to think it's a recent epidemic of failing societal values.

Sarah Connor I think the world has always had a large population of abysmal morons. The internet has simply amplified their voice. In the age of instant gratification, their behavior is easy to accomplish. It's kind of sad. With all the information available online, the rotten few would rather ruin the experience as though they gain some sort of benefit. At the end of the day, trolls are just as sad and lonely as they were during their misguided tirades. Oh well.

Looking forward to the new Terminator Film!!

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