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March 2018 Retro Gaming Article

March 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Tower Records' founder, Russ Solomon passes away at 92

Tower Records
Tower Records changed the way I shopped for music and made discovering new music as easy as it was exciting!
When I was a kid I lived outside New York City and was able to take advantage of all the things a major city has to offer. My parents took me to broadway shows and museums. My dad took me to lavish events offered through his job. But when I hit NYC with my friends we went to the Tower Records in the Village!

All Things Must Pass DVD We'd see that long yellow banner and the red lettering as we approached. Never going with purpose, we entered Tower Records in search of a new experience. I first discovered the Surf Punks at Tower as well as Suicidal Tendencies. Every visit, I looked for those bands while the excitement of a new discovery loomed.

After graduation, I was living in Connecticut and discovered there was a Tower Records just one mile from my house. I remember driving across town, during lunch hour from my job, and seeing that familiar sign across the top of the building.

It was two stories of music and I loved browsing the bins of CDs and finding something new every visit. I could go every day and find something new. The breadth of their selection was astounding. They even had a robust selection of CD-singles - lol.

Two years after my son was born, Tower Records was closing down. It was the end of an era. It was the end of "the record store". There had been plenty of places to buy music, but they slowly disappeared. Tower remained. I love Tower Records.

I was in the Connecticut area when my former local store was closing down. I was with my son who was all of two years old. I had an employee take our photo in the store under a Tower Records logo. I wanted to be able to tell him about this amazing store one day and how it brought out my passion for music. I wanted to show him that picture and tell him about the day I insisted we stop in for one last purchase... and a picture. I wanted him to know I'd taken him to Tower Records.

I'm anxious to check out All Things Must Pass on DVD and find out more about Tower Records' history and re-live the glory of this amazing store that was so much more!. It's a documentary on Tower's history produced by actor and former Sacramentan Colin Hanks. The movie debuted in March 2015

Thank you Mr. Solomon, for creating a retail experience like no other - a place that excited and fostered my craving for music.

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