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June 24, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With less than a week until closing my local Toys R Us is finally looking very empty

Toys R Us closes in less than a week
When the liquidation began, they filled the shelves from the warehouse until they bulged. Slowly that overfilled look faded...
Day one of the liquidation sale a line had formed at my local Toys R Us before the doors opened. The signs read "Up To 30% Off." In they went at !0am and they filled shopping carts as though they were stocking up before a big storm. The shelves were packed with product. Never had I seen this store so filled. Not even Christmas warranted this much inventory.

Toys R Us closes in less than a week Items I'd never seen before appeared. It was an astounding sight for someone who'd been droppin in weekly for the last few years. I love finding cool stuff for my son... and I get to play a bit too :)

My local store was overstocked like I'd never seen. However, this wasn't like most liquidation sales. Although touting a 30% discount, I couldn't find a single thing at 30% off. Everything seemed over-priced as usual. This continued through the 50% off phase. alost nothing was actually on sale, but every time I drove by the parking lot was filled well beyond any normal day. Consumers seemed to think they were getting pretty good deals.

From what I saw, I think Toys R Us made a lot more profit than most liquidation sales. The store was packed and they kept refilling it from the warehouse. This went on for more than a month where the discounts were few and far between. Based on other "Going Out Of Business" sales I've attended, I've never seen such high prices for such a prolonged timeframe. Usually, creditors are looking to dump everything and wrap up quickly. Toys R Us seemed to have a much slower rate of price drops and the store was packed with shoppers.

Now that my beloved toy store is in it's last few days of existence, the shelves are looking bare and large sections are taped off and empty. Seeing it's former vibrant overload makes this comparison quite shocking. I had been hoping some white knight would ride in with a wagon of cash and save the day.

Alas, Toys R Us is finished. I'm sure someone will buy rights to it and begin selling online. We might even see a few stores pop up, but like all companies that follow this model, it will be little more than capitalizing on the once iconic name and brand.

Toys R Us is looking very empty in the last week Almost overnight, the shelves really began looking barren. Products from the back of the store was moved to the front as sales eroded the need for space.
Toys R Us is looking very empty in the last week Shelves toward the front of the store are still looking moderately full, but entire aisles are now cordoned off.

Toys R Us closes in less than a week Now large areas are taped off and the space void of any product or shelving. This was the Bicycle and electric car area... now empty.

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