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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Today was the final day Toys R Us was open for business and all US stores are now closed

Final day for Toys R Us
The night before, 90% of our local store was roped off and the single remaining wall of shelves was nearly bare.
The night before Toys R Us closed it's doors, the once enormous store had been roped off to a small area around the checkout registers. Only a single wall of shelves remained - the rest off-limits to shoppers. Peeking around the corners revealed empty shelves. The remaining inventory couldn't even fill the one last area of shelving.

Customers were coming into the store, taking a quick look and realizing... it was over. There simply wasn't anything worth buying. All the "good stuff" was gone.

Over a decade ago, I bought two PS2 consoles when my original PlayStation failed. I pre-ordered every version of Activision's Skylanders for my son each Christmas. The last version, Skylanders Imaginators, I did not buy when it was first released since my son wasn't as interested in the franchise. A few days ago I bought it for $4 dollars. I also picked up a case of 12 Skylanders vehicles for $3 and a Wii U version of Disney Infinity Star Wars for $1.50.

After all the memories my son and I shared in this one store, it's really sad to see it go. For those who thought TRU was too expensive and don't understand how a premium store operate.... You may develop more appreciation for Toys R Us when you're stuck with the dearth of variety in WalMart's three toy aisles.

Above all else, Toys R Us was a great place for kids (but not the kids who worked there) who loved the adventures inspired by toys. My son was one of them and long ago, I was too.

Empty areas of Toys R Us This empty area of Toys R Us was the gaming area that was overtaken by Toys-To-Life figures from Activision, Disney, and LEGO.
Empty areas of Toys R Us Board games once filled this part of our Toys R Us.

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