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March 31, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Even during their Liquidation sale, Toys R Us still has ridiculously high prices

I stopped into my local TRU for the liquidation sale and still wanted to price-match with Amazon!
We've all been to "Going Out Of Business" sales and taken advantage of the customary 50 - 90% savings one finds. With that in mind, I stopped by my local Toys R Us and was astounded to see their "up to 30% off" signs were devastatingly accurate. As a premium toy store, TRU was never the inexpensive option and I'm OK with that. But during my visit the other day I didn't find any items marked down 30%.

Amazon easily beats Toys R Us liquidation pricing. LEGO sets offered NO discount. Video games and consoles were at a paltry 5% discount. I couldn't find anything with a 30% discount! This is the strangest "Going Out Of Business Sale" I've ever seen.

TRU always had premium pricing, but that doesn't fit with liquidation.
We've read the stories about Mattel and Hasbro claiming Toys R Us owes them millions from merchandise shipped to TRU stores. Part of liquidation within bankruptcy confines is to payback such vendors.

Is Nostalgia Driving TRU Liquidation Pricing?

I wonder if nostalgia is fueling enough brick & mortar commerce without the traditionally large discounts one typically expects. I've never seen so many cars in the lot at my local store. Could they actually be emptying out their stores without slashing prices? That would be hilarious.

I haven't bought anything at TRU since Christmas. I'm angry about the bad loans leading to closure followed by the millions paid out to executives who seemed eager to ditch the company and take the money and run. I don't think TRU was given a fair chance at recovery under bankruptcy protection. Did anyone expect the chain to reinvent and recover in four or five months? They accelerated the failure to cash in and move on.

Many stores seem to think they'll close forever in the next week or two. That being the case, can they really sell off their inventory with their traditionally awful pricing? Strangest closing ever...

Toys R Us liquidation sale prices are absurdly high

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