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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

1960s strategy boardgame Twixt is returning via Kickstarter from Lil Cerebral Games

1960s boardgame Twixt is returning
I loved playing Twixt with my Dad when I was a kid. Now, my Son and I play. Great to see Twixt return to living room floors everywhere!
1960s boardgame Twixt is returning I've played Twixt since I was a kid and it's a fantastic game. With an absolute bare-bones simplicity, this game will make you think in a whole new way. You wouldn't think such an easy-to-play game could elicit challenges at each turn.

Insert one peg (stanton) per turn and place a connector (bridge) between any two pegs. Keep at it until you have a connection from one side to the other. Be the first and you win. Simple, right? Not so much :)

This popular two-player board game from the 1960's is relaunching via Lil Cerebral Gamesfor a new generation of gamers via Kickstarter! One difference that has occurred in the time since it's original debut, it the Approved STEM Trustmark. This indicates this game has a lot more educational value and mental stimulation than most games.

Their crowd funding campaign starts in a week, so stay tuned and check out their info when it officially launches. This is a great game and I highly recommend it. I feel it's also important to note that my praise of Twixt comes from a childhood playing Twixt. I hope they are capable of delivering this great game - as always do your homework before committing money to any crowd-funded project!

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