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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

1960s strategy boardgame Twixt is returning via Kickstarter from Lil Cerebral Games

1960s boardgame Twixt is returning
I loved playing Twixt with my Dad when I was a kid. Now, my Son and I play. Great to see Twixt return to living room floors everywhere!
1960s boardgame Twixt is returning I've played Twixt since I was a kid and it's a fantastic game. With an absolute bare-bones simplicity, this game will make you think in a whole new way. You wouldn't think such an easy-to-play game could elicit challenges at each turn.

Insert one peg (stanton) per turn and place a connector (bridge) between any two pegs. Keep at it until you have a connection from one side to the other. Be the first and you win. Simple, right? Not so much :)

This popular two-player board game from the 1960's is relaunching via Lil Cerebral Games for a new generation of gamers via Kickstarter! One difference that has occurred in the time since it's original debut, it the Approved STEM Trustmark. This indicates this game has a lot more educational value and mental stimulation than most games.

Their crowd funding campaign starts in a week, so stay tuned and check out their info when it officially launches. This is a great game and I highly recommend it. I feel it's also important to note that my praise of Twixt comes from a childhood playing Twixt. I hope they are capable of delivering this great game - as always do your homework before committing money to any crowd-funded project!

June 29, 2018 Update:
The Kickstarter campaign was cancelled by the creator due to copyright issues upon trying the sell units to EU backers. It's a shame that this happened, but from what I've read, Lil Cerebral Games may not have had the rights to the Twixt game. Stay tuned to see if Twixt will eventually be re-released.

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