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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm pleased to see outrage with Apple’s ad trying to deprecate the notion of a “computer”

While lines are blurring between computers and other devices, Apple's notion of removing "Computer" from our lexicon is absurd!
If you haven't seen it, Apple had a TV commercial in which a young girl is shown using her iPad throughout the day. We see her looking up info, paying for lunch, climbing a tree - she's everywhere and her iPad seems inseparable from her.

I really like the ad until the very end. The way they show her integrating her tablet into so many varied things from work to fun is very well done. But that's not enough for Apple. They want us to think that computers are outdated - a relic from days gone by. In Apple's world, they can cease devising proprietary laptop connections and just crank out iPhones and iPads.

The ad concludes with the girl laying in her backyard typing away on her iPad, when a neighbor sees her and asks what she's doing on her computer. The girl looks at her and asks, "What's a computer?" The ad clearly shows this girl as a savvy kid. One who knows exactly what a computer is...

At this point I hate the girl and want to punch her (even though she's just an actor). I hate Apple. And I wonder how many people at Apple saw the final ad before it was released. It's absurd and makes Apple look like morons.

Apple's What's A Computer ad

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