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November 2018 Retro Gaming Article

November 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Setting up your kid's game console on Christmas eve is the new “assembling their bike on Christmas eve”

Setting up game consoles on Christmas eve
The Xbox Family Guide suggests setting up your kid's new game console the night before.
Avoid those 3 hour system updates on Christmas morning by suffering through them on Christmas eve. I guess that's sound advice. Apparently, this is one of the tips suggested in Microsoft's Xbox Family Guide, in the UK. My PlayStation once began running a system update when I tried to watch a blu ray movie!

Parents used to assemble bikes on Christmas eve. Now they update game software.
Almost every time we got to play a game on any console, either the game or the console wants to download gigs of stuff. I miss the old days when games were completed prior to hitting retail shelves. Devs today seem to think customers are beta-testers. Having content added over a game's life is nice, but the routine fixes are just annoying.

Giving Game Consoles For Christmas

So what about giving a game console as a gift? What a night mare if your kid is stoked about the new system and wants to fire up a band new game for the first time and that dreaded fill-bar chugs along at a snail's crawl.

Microsoft has an idea for generous gift-givers. Getting an Xbox One for you kids? Why not set it up the night before? Let all those pesky day-one updates churn by the yule log. It's actually a pretty good idea. Your kid wants to play games not update system software.

However,this scenario reminds me of the first bicycle I got. It was for Christmas. I woke up and by the tree was a blue bike with fat tires, ape-hanger handlebars and a banana seat with a savagely tall sissy-bar. It was incredible! My Dad was up until the wee hours assembling it for me because he was an awesome guy and no kid wants a bike in a box. He knew I wanted to ride.

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