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October 2018 Retro Gaming Articles:

October 23, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Did AtGames actually swap arcade ROMs for NES ROMs on their Bandai Namco Flashback Blast?

Reviewers were excited about the games on the review units, but consumers found NES versions at retail!
Did AtGames swap arcade ROMs for NES ROMs I've bought a bunch or those plug-n-play video game units with funky shapes and a dozen retro arcade games. They're easy to set up, portable, and give a nice dose of nostalgia. AtGames new HDMI dongles are similar, but quite compact by comparison. But some gamers ar citing a game-swap problem.

Early in the cycle, reviewers were given review-units to put through the paces. When it came to the Bandai Namco version, they found the typical arcade games I've come to enjoy on the endless supply of plug-n-play devices. However, consumers in WalMart (they sell an exclusive version) reported finding NES versions of the games, not the original arcade games!

How does that happen? I guess the question would be how can that happen accidentally? I don't think it can. This reeks or a bait-and-switch trick that generates reviews of one device, while another is sold at retail.

It's also quite possible that AtGames was a bit too eager and sent out review units without having the proper licensing for the games. But in that scenario... were they denied the games? What about the Legends console and Legends Ultimate Home Arcade? Are these products with similar arcade versions of games properly licensed?

This scenario opens up a lot of questions that need answers. While I've read that AtGames attributes the mix-up to a shipping error, but that seems unlikely. When your Chevy is delivered with a Honda engine, you know that's kind of deliberate. AtGames' shipping claim needs a proper resolution. If there was an error, consumers need to know which version of the game is actually licensed for sale.

If these Flashback Blasts make their way into holiday gifts, we need to know what we're buying. No one wants a Christmas stocking full of NES ROMs when they expected arcade versions ;)
October 23, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The changing product line of AtGames seems to now include a home arcade cabinet with 400 games

The changing product line of AtGames
A recent press release hints that the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade product is quite similar to the home arcade cabs from Arcade1Up.
As the cooler winds blow in and Halloween is just around the corner, might it be time for the latest Atari Flashback from AtGames? No. Not this year. Already we've seen the new Flashback Blast HDMI dongles containing a variety of retro games, but the expected Atari Flashback full of 2600 games seems absent from this years marketing collateral.

In it's place is a similar (identical to their Sega Genesis product) console called the Legends Flashback. Even the Atari 2600 compilations for PS4 and Xbox One are gone. Well, AtGames seems not to be releasing the third installment - Atari is doing that. I've not heard any news, but it seems as if licensing deals may have shifted a bit between the two companies. Granted there are some Atari games on the Flashback Blast devices, but no where near the number on last year's Atari Flashback console.

To further diversify the typical AtGames holiday offering, a recent press release indicates a partnership between AtGames and The Tetris Company. Along with the Legends console that's a plug-n-play device, At games will also soon release a full size arcade cabinet with 400 games. While the Arcade1Up 3/4 size cabinets seem similar, this clearly competes directly with it.

Arcade1Up has gone the distance to license games and artwork for it's product, AtGames claims much the same. Time will tell how the AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade stacks up. With 400 games, it sounds enticing, but the usual Raspberry Pi pundits will emerge. I'm curious to see what develops with this.

Having seen great interest in companies releasing mini consoles with 20 - 30 games, will consumers now want a more realistic "arcade experience" with joysticks, trackballs and a stand-up style cabinet? Are the 80's coming back full swing? Innovation is an interesting thing.

From the Tetris Company website:
The Legends Ultimate Home Arcade features 400 built-in arcade and home games, including Tetris and other legends from iconic publishers. As a full-sized home arcade machine, the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade offers a gameplay experience like no other. Each game plays just like at the arcade thanks to an authentic control panel that features a matching set of premium joysticks and six buttons for two player fun, as well as a professional trackball controller.

The built-in, low latency, high definition 21.5" LCD monitor features HDMI inputs so you can display content from other consoles and media players on the same great machine. The built-in software is similarly impressive, with scan line filtering, an intuitive menu system, save and resume game functionality, and the ability to rewind a game in progress to recover from a play misstep.
October 22, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

An Atari 2600 core has been added to the Coleco Phoenix console, now on Kickstarter

Coleco Phoenix now has an Atari 2600 FPGA core
I believe this would be the first FPGA-based Atari 2600 to come to market. That alone is a huge deal!
The original Colecovision console had an expansion module that provided an Atari 2600 cartridge slot opening the system to the large Atari game library. The recently kickstarted Coleco PHoenix now has the same capability, although it utilizes an FPGA core and ROMs on an SD card. With a large goal to meet via kickstarter, it seems the Coleco folks are trying to widen the appeal of their FPGA-based Colecovision clone.

We really liked their original offering - it's a great deal! Adding the Atari 2600 core makes it phenomenal! Based on it's included benefits, we recommend this campaign for anyone who loves the Colecovision console or wants to get into the Coleco homebrew market and take advantage of the games requiring the Super Game Module. Phoenix is a great way to expand the enjoyment of Coleco gaming or expand into a great gaming platform that may be new to you.

In all honesty, I'm more excited about the Phoenix with an added FPGA core for 2600. This would be a huge boon to the Atari community who would love a scenario that brings those games to modern TVs without software emulation. The Phoenix is stil a niche console, but widening it's appeal to Atari fans certainly can't hurt.

At the same time, It would also widen it's appeal if it shipped with a modernized Colecovision controller - or any controller. This system relies on your aging Colecovision controllers via the original DB9-style controller ports. There is also a backer tier that includes a compatible SNES controller. I never liked the Colecovision controllers, so the decision to omit an updated controller is disappointing. That aside, this is a great idea and I hope the final product lives up to their goals.
October 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The 2020 release of Intellivision's Amico 2D game console will play retro games in a modern manner - in two years

Nintendo's Switch is starting to include Fortnite as a downlaod
It will play Inty, Atari, and Imagic games with modern controllers, internet store, and family friendly appeal.
I Wasn't paying attention to the calendar when Intellivision began teasing October 20th for a big announcement about a new game console. Falling on the anual Portland Retro Gaming Expo - a natural place to announce a new retro gaming console.

The arrival date is being listed as October of 2020 with a price between $150 ad $180. That all sounds reasonable until you read about the controllers. They will be wireless and dock with the console for charging and each will have an 3.5 inch color touchscreen. that doesn't sound economically feasible unless component prices drop over the next two years. But who knows, they might pull it off.

A lot can change in 2 years, but Amico sounds innovative, although a bit niche.
Most of the info I'm seeing is secondhand, so I'm eager to hear from Intellivision themselves. Some interesting features are emerging...

Amico is being billed as an online system with games being supplied by an online store. It doesn't sound like it will have a cartridge slot and certainly not one able to accomodate you existing Intellivision game carts. Games are said to cost between 3 and 8 dollars with a family-friendly atmosphere allowing only games rated "E" or "E10+".

Only original games will be sold - no ports. Any games based on former titles must be redesigned to include multiplayer. I've also seen reports that Amico will be a 2D gaming system, not meant to compete with the Big Three, attractive to those buying Nintendo's Classic Edition consoles.

I'm sure better info will flow shortly, but we'll have to wait two years to see what the Amico will actually become.
October 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser

I am your butterfly, I need your protection, Be my samurai.
I am your butterfly, I need your protection, Be my samurai
October 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Lacking a pack-in game at launch, Nintendo's Switch is including download codes, currently for Fortnite

Nintendo's Switch is starting to include Fortnite as a downlaod
As far as I'm concerned, inclusion of a pack-in game with a console is a basic human right! Physical copes - not DL codes!
I was outraged at the lack of a pack-in game when I bought my Nintendo Switch. No game console should be sold without the ability to play a game right away. Initially, I wasn't a huge fan of Combat for the Atari 2600, but I've had pack-in games since my first console at age 12! What's the deal today? Are companies so profit-conscious that they force an extra $60 expenditure before their game system can be enjoyed?

To be honest, I don't consider a download code to be the same as a pack-in game. I want the game to be included, complete-in-box. I avoided the Wii U with a DL fr Splatoon 2 because I wanted the game, not a code. Downloaded games take up a lot of storage space and I like to have a physical copy. Many gamers feel this way, yet we're getting stuck with lame codes that erode large swaths of hard drive space.

A Kid who buys a new game console should have a game to play
I know times are different, but conceptually, I think it sucks to sell a console that can't play right away. Forcing the sale of a game to even begin to use the console is a stingy move and goes against all precedents. I thought 1-2-Switch would be a great game to include with the Switch to demonstrate many of the joy con's abilities. Charging $50 for this game is a joke. I'd pay $20 for a new copy.

I realize I'm being petty, but I think of it from a kid's perspective. A kid gets so stoked over a new system from buying it, going home with it, and setting it up. Imagine the disappointment when all that eager energy descends into the realization that there is no game to play. Mom & Dad need to pony-up another $60 for a game. Not cool! Kids deserve better than that. Don't design your profits to exclude the fun every kid expects when they fire up their new system.
October 18, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Dragon's Lair Trilogy, a collection of three legendary arcade games, comes to PS4 via Limited Run Games

These laser disc classics came to the Wii and now they're being updated for the PlayStation 4.
Dragon's Lair Trilogy is a collection of three legendary arcade game: Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Dragon's Lair II. Limited Run Games is bringing back this classic along with it's sequels.

I remember when Dragon's Lair came to the Electric Playhouse in Mount Kisco around 1983. We'd never seen anything like it and it cost 50¢!

Dragon's Lair Trilogyon PS4
October 18, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari announced its affiliation with NASDAQ International under the symbol PONGF on the U.S. OTC market

Atari announced its official affiliation with NASDAQ International
The "NASDAQ International Designation" offers a quality seal and improves the visibility of foreign equities for U.S. investors.
Just as I'm wondering if Atari will pull together and make a game console, they appeared across the web with news of a NASDAQ designation to help them be more visible to US investors. At this time, they are actually a French company - I tend to forget that. So anyway... Atari scooped up $3 million through it's Indiegogo campaign to create the rebooted Atari VCS video game console. Their timing is uncanny.

Since the successful completion of their crowd-funding campaign they've offered no information to the numerous backers who contributed $3M to the effort. So, now they ring the morning bell at NASDAQ and splash their logo BladeRunner style and those seeking status on the VCS are still in the dark. They really would benefit so much from keeping customers in the loop. What's going on with the Atari VCS?

At least we know they're still in business...

Atari's company profile on the NASDAQ business page:
Atari is an interactive entertainment company. As an iconic brand that transcends generations and audiences, the company is globally recognized for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment and licensed products. Atari owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises, including world-renowned brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong® and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Atari S.A. is a French corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972, currently by Atari Interactive, a subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, S.A. ® Atari has offices in New York and Paris.

Atari announced its official affiliation with NASDAQ International
October 18, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure is a cool homebrew platformer coming to your NES

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure fur NES
This sequel to Eskimo Bob has 90 levels and a lot of nice surprises to explore as Alfonso goes looking for his pal, Bob.
Last year we backed Tomas Guinan's prior game Eskimo Bob and loved it! You can never have too many inventive, fun platformer games for your NES. We're excited to back the kickstarter for Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure.

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure fur NES It seems as though this sequel had taken the concept much farther with a world map, four playable characters, and secret exits and branching routes. With Eskimo Bob as a measure, we're stoked about Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure.

The game is now complete and fully playable. This is the same scenario under which his prior game was kickstarted and shipping was very prompt. I have a lot of confidence in Guinan's ability to deliver a high quality product. It should also be noted that this kickstarter has already met it's backing goal - i believe in the first 24 hours!

The kickstarter aides with physical assembly and shipping of the game carts. Definitely check out the campaign page and see if this looks like a game you'd back.

From the Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure Kickstarter page:
In Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure, you take the role of Alfonzo on a quest to find your missing best friend, Bob. Knowing that Bob's favorite food is fish, you decide to collect as many fish as you can while searching for your friend. With your trusty stick by your side, travel through over 90 levels filled with puzzles, traps, and enemies around every corner.

Luckily, you aren't alone on your adventure! You will meet new friends along the way, each with different abilities to help you on your quest. These include the power-punching Magnus, the near-invulnerable Fenwood, and the sword-wielding Girl.

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure characters
October 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Pound Technologies' HD Link Cable upscales your PS2 for modern TVs

Analogue's Mega SG
Available through Limited Run Games, the Pound Technologies cable enhances both PS1 & PS2 games on the PS2 console.
I'm a fan of products like this from the standpoint of enabling retro games and consoles to better interface with modern televisions. This is just one way to bring favorite games from the past along for the ride as new technology distances itself from our retro devices.

Sold through Limited Run Games, the Pound Technologies' HD Link Cable for PS2 interfaces with the RGB signal on your PS2 and upscales it to 720p with a 16:9 ratio.

Of course such products have their pros and cons. AT $30 this is a great way to upscale your PS2 console with an HDMI interface. Additionally, it also works on PS1 games when played on the PS2. On the downside is the aspect ratio. Early PlayStation games were quite happy at the somewhat square ratio of 4:3, but modern HD TVs prefer those snazzy movie theater screens and opt for 16:9. Thus your games will be a bit stretched with the HD Link Cable.

It's also worth noting the cable doesn't support 480p s a condition of maintaining the PS1 compatibility. Some have said PS2 games take on a slightly darker tone via this cable, but has no such effect on PS1 games. While there are some tradeoffs, this seems like a solid product for the average gamer looking to play on an HD television.

The HD Link Cable targets gamers who want a simple solution to getting a good image on a modern TV. There are more sophisticated solutions, but you won't find them anywhere near Pound's $30 product. You can pre-order at Limited Run Games.

Pound Technologies HD Link Cable upscales your PS2 6' cable length with breakaway design.
Pound Technologies HD Link Cable upscales your PS2 Pound Technologies' HD Link Cable

October 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Adult Web-star Ariel Rebel posted this "Big O" photo

However, I made this exact expression the time I got the high-score on Defender! Pretty sure I felt the same way too!
Adult Web-star Ariel Rebel You can check out more of Ariel's work at Rebel Mayhem (NSFW). Marquee for Williams Defender
October 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Big day for releases with Arcade1Up arcade cabinets and the new Flashback Blast HDMI dongle consoles

I was stoked to pick up the Blast Pong from AtGames and hoping to find a floor model of the Arcade1Up cabinets.
This new type of HDMI dongle-based Flashback is pretty cool. I have yet to test it, but I like the concept. I'm hoping the wireless will work well with these remote consoles.

I was hoping to find a demo model or at least one that was set up, so I could get a better feel for the size. Neither Walmart or Best Buy had floor models. This is the ideal product for a demo. A flat box doesn't create much excitement or desire to purchase. Marketing 101... show of the product. Help customers understand the product.

AtGames Flashback Blast Pong My local Walmart had four of the new AtGames Flashback Blast games in stock today. I was interested in the Pong version with the wireless paddle controllers. They had two on the shelf - only one now :)
Arcade1Up arcade games Walmart had 3 of the Arcade1Up arcade games flat-packed in their boxes.

The folks at Best Buy were unfamiliar with both of these releases. I know the Arcade1Up is an online only sale for them, but how can you sell them if you can't show them off? This is a product I really want to see, touch, feel, and size up in it's assembled state.
October 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The moron elected as POTUS shows off his dimwitted bullying demeanor

This man is nothing more than human garbage.
Our president pays off porn stars, cheats on his wife, cheats on his taxes, dislikes minorities, lacks any empathy, lies continuously, and seems to get away with it. The majority of his political team has been indicted of various crimes. The sad truth is that his supporters have found a hero in this despicable person. They suport him because they probably wish they could get away with all the things he does.

Today he referred to Stormy Daniels (his misspelling) as "Horseface." What kind of President does that? He's an angry toddler.

Trump tweet about stormy daniels
October 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Genesis and Master System fans rejoice - Analogue is taking pre-orders on their Mega SG

Analogue's Mega SG
Having released the Super Nt for SNES fans, the Genesis gets the same well-crafted FPGA treatment.
Analogue has made it's mark on retro gaming with both technical and artistic strides. Their real-wood SNK AES console was a functional thing of beauty, but when they crafted an NES from a block of aluminum, we all took notice. These beautiful consoles came at a premium price, but later consoles have become much more affordable.

I bought their Super Nt, SNES clone, last year and love it's versatility, game compatibility, and modern TV features. At it's core is an FPGA (Field Programable GAte Array) programed to simulate the SNES so well, your game arts won't know the difference. This concept is becoming more prevalent as opposed to onboard emulation within clone consoles. Analogue does it well - so well!

Don't be fooled by less expensive Genesis Clones. Analogue is vastly superior.
Analogue has announced their latest FPGA console, a Sega Genesis / Master System clone, called the Mega SG! There are a few Genesis clones already on the market, but they often have awful sound replication issues that render them nearly unplayable. The Mega SG cures this issue by recreating the Yamaha YM2612 sound chip completely in FPGA for superior sound. It outputs video at 1080p HDMI.

Like the Super Nt, the Mega SG does not include controllers, but it retains the same 9-pin port from the original Genesis, allowing you to use original controllers. Wireless 2.4 GHz controllers are available at purchase. Another nice facet is a new modular approach to this console. Adapters (some sold separately) will allow games from Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG1000/1000II, and SC-3000 consoles. The Mega SG ships with a Master System adapter - pretty slick!

Based on my experience with the Super Nt, I'd jump on the Mega SG without hesitation. The multi-game adapters only sweeten the deal, bringing so much Sega to one console. Check out their site for all the details and pre-orders are open for an April 2019 release date.

Analogue's Mega SG and Super Nt There's no console war here. Analogue has you covered with FPGA consoles for both SNES and Genesis!
October 15, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

On-Demand & Streaming services rob you of the best aspects of watching serial TV shows

Charmed reboot premier's tonight with new cast
Getting snacks and going to the bathroom used to be executed with daring precision during brief commercial breaks. That's TV!
A Twitter post today posed the question of who grew up with the better television scenario - the dividing line being before and after On-Demand and streaming options. I can see the convenience of watching anything at any time, but there's a whole different experience when forced to wait for each weekly episode. This is the best way to indulge TV :)

My Kind Of TV

My passion for TV came from Saturday morning shows like Hong Kong Phooey and my afternoon fix of Speed Racer. These shows turned that square box into a source of infinite stories, action, and adventure. I still loved riding my bike and skateboarding, but TV had a technology side that fascinated me.

TV is best enjoyed in metered measured chunks :)
As I grew up, my tastes shifted and my dad and I began watching The Six Million Dollar Man and Quincy each week. When these shows were on, we dropped everything and sat down for an hour of edge-of-your-seat entertainment! In my youth, that's how TV worked. Shows were broadcast as set times and you could determine those times or see what else was on via the TV guide in the daily newspaper.

Our next phase was Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice. We loved the weekly dramas that sometimes continued stories from one week to the next, but over a season we saw our favorite characters morph and change. I loved watching their tales evolve. Cliffhangers were frustrating, but in such a good way. And don't even get me started about season enders!

Today's Viewing Options Remove Suspense

My son likes Stranger Things and was excited to tell me about the first season. When the second season was released, he and heis fiends binge watched the whole thing the day it was released. I was shocked! The whole second season was released at once and viewers were able to watch it all immediately. That whole concept was foreign to me.

I love to binge watch shows like USA's La Femme Nikita with Peta Wilson or the original Charlie's Angels from the 70s. But I've already seen them, so it's a refresher. I can't really fathom watching an entire new season at once. No weekly episodes? No fridge-runs during commercials? Not my style :)

I want the suspense of waiting for next week's resolution!
I've never had a DVR and back in my Betamax and VHS days, I recorded a lot of shows, but I almost always watched them while they were recording. I love being in the moment. It's exciting to watch an episode reveal and then have to wait seven days for the next chapter or resolution. This made specific nights really cool. I remember when Friday nights were the absolute best. Miami Vice was on Fridays. During college we'd party, but when Vice came on - we watched Crockett and Tubbs - then the party resumed. We grew as we watched the show grow. No way we'd miss an episode, even on a Friday night!

Trying to use the bathroom, get snacks or prepare a meal during commercial breaks was an art form. Who can forget dashing across the house to get back to the show as the last commercial faded? Sure, we were forced to watch in this manner, but I liked the suspense and how different shows gave each night unique. And when you miss a night... you're screwed.

These days you can watch your favorite show any time on a variety of devices from computers to phones. I get the modern convenience, but think I'll always like watching shows broadcast in the moment and dash to the kitchen when the commercials come on. It makes TV the way TV is meant to be. I'll still binge watch Orange is the New Black or Star Wars, but I love the cliffhangers on Fox's new show 911. It's a good weekly indulgence!
October 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When your laundromat is also an arcade you mount Area 51 in a washing machine

The Sunshine Laundromat gets your clothes clean and properly entertains you with beer and pinball.
Charmed reboot premier's tonight with new cast We first learned of the Sunshine Laundromat a few years ago when they had integrated pinball and clean clothing. It's an unassuming place in Brooklyn and have only grown more popular as a laundromat and late night entertainment.

It seems they have further expanded into a laundromat barcade with a liquor license.The true awesomeness of this establishment is neither element is for show. If you have laundry to do and an aching to try some of the best pinball tables available, Sunshine handles both like a champ.

If you venture in - and you really should - you'll find a bunch of pinball machines and the bulk of the laundry operation. Bring your clothes and pinball enthusiasm. Be sure to venture to the rear of the laundromat and go through the secret dryer door and you'll find a terrific bar and even more pinball tables representing many eras of gaming!

While it may sound like it harkens to the days of speakeasies, it's all legit and lots of fun. Check them out online then visit with a pocket full of quarters!

Charmed reboot premier's tonight with new cast
October 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'll give the new CW Charmed a try, but its not the same without Alyssa, Shannen, and Holly

The reboot of Charmed premier's tonight with new cast.
There were cast changes over the years, but I don't understand how they can call it a reboot and not employ any of the former cast! What's the point? It's like a new form of lazy. Plenty of supernatural shows have aired... make a new one. Don't steal the entire premise and pass it off with a new cast.

If done well, new audiences will enjoy it, but those who watched the original show may have reservations about it. Holly wood needs to take risks and do new things. Even a show "inspired by" Charmed would be better than simply recasting it and assuming no one cares. I loved the original. Here's hoping the new version doesn't suck. But, lets be clear: Charmed without Alyssa is not Charmed!

Charmed reboot premier's tonight with new cast If it's really awful, you can catch the original series on Netflix :)
October 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Just Dance 2019 features songs from Britney Spears to BLACKPINK

Just Dance 2019 features songs from Britney Spears to BLACKPINK
Just Dance 2019 has an eclectic listing of built-in songs including the girls of K-pop's BLACKPINK.
Just Dance 2019 is the tenth game in the Just Dance series coming to all the major platforms and the Wii U in October. From the list of included songs, they span an eclectic array of bands/singers. I love that BLACKPINK is included. Very cool!
October 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you don't like the Nintendo Switch Online service... don't buy it

Nintendo Switch Online service
Everyone is allowed opinions, but too many pro-Nintendo websites devaluate the service because it lacks their favorite games.
I know fans of other gaming systems like to poke fun at all-things-Nintendo, but i'm tired of alleged pro-Nintendo websites complaining non-stop about Nintendo Switch Online. No it's not a replacement for Virtual Console. No, It's not as robust as Sony's offering. Your Chevy isn't a Ferrari. Grapefruits are bitter. Get used to disappointment. Nintendo doesn't owe you a participation-trophy for signing up.

If you don't like it, don't buy it. The incessant complaints are largely based on personal preference. They want more games. Different games. N64 games. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when you are part of a Nintendo fan website, you can't say Nintendo Switch Online sucks because your favorite game isn't included!

NES Joy Cons for Nintendo Switch Online

I Bought It Solely For Splatoon 2

Ordinarily, I wouldn't purchase it, but my son loves Splatoon 2 (as a fan of the Wii U release) and the game now requires Nintendo Switch Online. It's only $20 per year and after a long session of DKC Tropical Freeze or Dead Cells, it's fun to fire up a game of Balloon Fight. So, I find value in it and like many of the included games. There's also the opportunity to play games I've never played.

Different people come to these offerings with different backgrounds. Not all gamers are the same. I don't recall this much discord over the games selections on the Classic Edition consoles. As Nintendo adds more games, to the online service, it will become better.

Half Full or Half Empty = Free Forever?

Then there are those who feel the service should be free since Nintendo didn't previously charge for it. Nintendo said all along a pay-for-service scenario would come. Rather than being thankful for the 18-month grace period, gamers want to complain it isn't free forever. As I've stated, everyone can have an opinion, but I hate seeing major Nintendo websites using petty preferences to downplay Nintendo's online service.

Under different circumstances, I'd be wary of the service, but none of these publications offer substantial detriments or shortcomings. Many published reports indicating Nintendo would instantly delete your cloud-saves if your subscription lapsed. That proved untrue and shows how eager they were to deride the whole service. We go to these sites for opinion, but any opinion has to be backed up with facts. A blanket statement saying something sucks is lame. Stop being lame. Opinions are valuable, but facts are invaluable.

Nintendo always does things their way. Very often they are right - not always - but most of the time. And it's been this way since the NES in 1985.
October 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

VR has tried to gain a foothold in consumer acceptance, but the price and content are still problematic

VR seems interesting, but can we back a technology so casually discarded by Archie Andrews?
This World Of Archi comic book from 1996 sums up consumer interest in Virtual Reality. There are plenty of other tempting attractions, far more accessible and affordable by the masses.

VR needs a "killer app." It needs that one experience or game that everyone wants. But which platform does a consumer buy? Oculus? PSVR? Viv? These are all proprietary devices and do not share software. Remember when HD and Blu-ray were fighting to become the next DVD format? Toshiba released their first HD DVD player in 2006. If you bought into HD, you lost out when it folded in 2008 and Blu-ray became the next upgrade path. Same could be true in VR. Will there be a dominant winner?It's a mess for consumers trying to make the best decision.

I'm with Archie. There are plenty of great experiences outside VR. Perhaps Virtual Reality will one day become affordable and offer a standard that all manufacturers can adhere to. Until there's a standard, its hard to imagine confusion in the marketplace to be a big factor for consumers.

World Of Archid comicbook from 1996
October 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Princess Eugenie's royal wedding highlight was Cara Delevingne in a suit and top hat

Cara Delevingne in a suit and tophat
Cara rocking a top hat like a badass is the best news I've seen all day!
Cara Delevingne, who's a friend of Eugenie, showed up to the wedding wearing the most legendary outfit. In fact, every other wedding guest may as well just turn around now and go home. Cara's stolen the show.

Cara Delevingne in a suit and tophat
October 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Today I discovered my local Sears is closing on December 9th

Our store was one of the well-kept organized ones and it's closing in less than one month.
Days ago, rumors of an imminent bankruptcy filing flew around the web. An upcoming debt repayment was fast approaching and the inquiry into bankruptcy gave everyone a pretty good idea that Sears was ending it's long run. I assumed the shoddy stores that are half-empty would be the first to go. To be honest, I thought upper management would sacrifice K-mart to keep Sears going. I guess that isn't happening.

As news stories appear online, the comment sections are filling with retail-novices saying Amazon is the culprit. A modest amount of research negates that idea. Amazon is only a minor disruptor to the faltering of retail giants. Our changing economy is the main cause of brick & mortar demise. Folks aren't spending as much as they used to. Aging stores with outdated retail experiences and poor online shopping tech are suffering.

The old model of stores being distribution points for goods is stale. Stores need to be destinations offering experiences, not just product. In the case of Sears, there has been gross mismanagement in upper management for many many years.

I grew up with Sears and that amazing 600-page Christmas catalog! Wow, those were the days. From Atari games to clothing, tools, and appliances... I've relied on Sears and have really loved their products over almost all of their competitors.

my local Sears is closing
October 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Is Atari's request for backer info a good sign or an Indiegogo formality?

Atari reached out for VCS backer info
I was briefly excited when Atari reached out for shipping info regarding their new crowd-funded VCS game console.
I'll reiterate my overall skepticism about Atari's ability to deliver their crowd-funded VCS game console. Garnering over $3 million dollars seemed inLine with nostalgia-fueled mania for a piece of hardware many have serious doubts about. I have no need for another emulator-box, but I love the futuristic sex appeal of their re-imagined single-button joystick. On the off chance they come through, I opted in for one joystick.

The holding company owning the Atari brand and IPs is good at soft-goods (t-shirts, hats, swag) but have an awful track record on hardware. Anyone ever get that gaming smart-watch they crowd-funded in February 2017? So, anyway...

Today I got an email from Atari requesting shipping info for the Joystick I ordered via their Indiegogo campaign this past summer. I was initially excited that the product might be ready to go. Would they be shipping soon. Will this sexy joystick soon be displayed on a shelf in my game-room? Then reality caught up with me.

Keeping with Atari tradition, they offer ambiguous tidbits of info and disappear for 6 to 8 months providing no contact with their customers (indiegogo backer). I hoped this email was a sign of good things to come, but I'm beginning to accept that Indiegogo probably triggers these emails at a predetermined time, based on Atari's given delivery date. I gave up my info and hope that they come through.

But why don't they ever communicate with customers? It's the strangest way to do business. They disappeared with THREE MILLION DOLLARS and go silent - no communication. Very odd.
October 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As Sears ponders bankruptcy, they were once home to Atari, Nintendo, and the Kardashians

Sears Video Arcade via Atari
Mismanagement and greed has finally caught up with one of our oldest and largest department stores that once took catalog sales to a thriving brick & mortar scenario!
Sears has been one of my go-to stores for decades. From buying Atari games as a kid to filling out my wardrobe without breaking the bank, Sears has been a staple of Malls and my shopping routine. I bought a washer and dryer there just a few years ago and replaced our old fridge not long before. Say what you want, but it's a great store.

It's a great store, but like many other aging stores, it hasn't changed with the times. he sears in my area is always well stocked and organized quite well. Many others look like thrift stores. The chain is aging and upper management is riding the greed-train to the bitter end.

Sears Video Arcade via Atari

Sears Likely To Seek Bankruptcy Protection

News flew around the Internet today about Sears hiring advisors to examine bankruptcy procedures. A large looming debt payment is right around the corner and the money isn't there.

Experts say Sears could file for bankruptcy as soon as the end of this week. Still, today Sears emailed me a coupon for $11 off a $15 purchase. Clearly a few disconnects between Marketing and Finance.

I have vivid memories of checking out Atari 2600 games at one of the "stations" at Sears. I recall several 2600s bolted down to the counter with a game cart inserted. Play-testing was the best way choose new games! Sears was also the first retailer to offer Nintendo's NES console nationwide.

Long before the internet delivered every single piece of gaming info known to man or beast, there were things called newspapers. Of course by the time you saw a game ad in the paper, the game had been out for weeks. Instant gratification was an unknown concept in those early days. I'd go to Sears while my Mom shopped and I'd check out the Atari stuff hoping she'd let me buy a new game. Good times!

Sears Lost Its Luster

Having sold off many of it's most valuable assets like Whirlpool and Craftsman, there's not much left. Even though my local Sears is in quite good shape, its the one part of the mall where few cars park. Five or Six salesmen chat in the appliance department hoping someone will venture in for a sale. Ready to answer customer questions, these poor guys don't seem to know the Internet provides all the info consumers need. Does upper management even know this? It's a sad state.

I love Sers and really like a lot of what they carry, but even my store shows it's age in staffing and technology. It doesn't seem like the place that sold me the latest hot video games and offered styles by the Kardashian clan (even Kendall had Sears Style).

Target already had plans to take over the space my local Sears now occupies. Sears had planned to downsize and move select brands to a smaller location. The bankruptcy news makes it unclear if there is any possible salvation or if corporate greed sealed the deal.

Sears style with the Kardashian sisters
October 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:


October 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

#WorldMentaHealthDay reminds me how important music is when I need to calm my anxieties

All mental health conditions are important and should be explored and respected.
Music is a medium that can take me away from the anxieties that can rise up. Whether playing guitar or listening to music, #MetalHealth is an important element to my #MentalHealth.

Quiet Riot's Metal Health
October 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Taylor Swift performed at the AMAs and took home 3 awards including Artist Of The Year

In her AOTY acceptance speech, Taylor reminds us to vote so we have fewer idiots like Trump in office!
I think Taylor Swift held back on her final speech when she urged everyone to register to vote and to go to the polls. I think her restraint said more than any speech would have. Classy move and drove home a good message!

Taylor Swift at the AMAs
October 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

NKOTB's Mixtape Tour will feature 80's icons Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Salt-N-Pepa and Naughty By Nature

The Mixtape Tour will be kicking it off in North America in 2019
The members of New Kids on the Block, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of their hit album "Hangin' Tough" last month, were joined by fellow late-'80s acts Salt-n-Pepa, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Naughty By Nature in Rockefeller Plaza to announce their 2019 Mixtape Tour, on the Today Show.

This is a really cool group of bands for anyone who grew up in the 80s. With a mixture of genres, this is going to be a great summer tour. They will hit 53 cities next year on their Mixtape Tour, beginning May 2 in Cincinnati.

NKOTB's Mixtape Tour
October 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Recently announced as the new Batwoman, here's Ruby Rose in costume

Ahead of an Arrow-verse crossover event, The CW network released an image of Ruby Rose in the Batwoman suit.
Ruby Rose's Batwoman costume was designed by award-winning designer Colleen Atwood, who was also behind the spandex creations for Arrow, TheFlash and Supergirl.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman
October 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console with great features, now on Kickstarter

CollectorVision's Phoenix logo
With built-in F18A video support and Super Game Module compatibility, the Phoenix is a really good value for $200.
The Colecovision didn't have a particularly long life cycle, but it was hailed as one of the leading consoles of it's era. Compared to other systems it had the best arcade ports and its games were admired by those who didn't own one and even more by those who did. Despite a vibrant homebrew community, the games have had to comply with the original Coleco hardware. Until now...

Collectorvision has created a prototype console based around an FPGA chip and a slew of features and enhancements making this clone console a very appealing item. While more expensive than other clones, one has to factor in the additions that come with the $200 price tag. It has a cartridge slot for all your old (and new homebrew) games along with a lot of cool technology.

One of the more recognizable expansion modules has been the Super Game Module that affords more complex games to run on the Colecovision. This technology is built into the Phoenix along with the F18A improved video. When you add in modern TV compatibility via HDMI, this is a very exciting project. The CollectorVision Phoenix Kickstarter is now live and offers a lot of info about the system.

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console One of the drawbacks is you will need to supply your own controller. The good news is the console provides DB9 ports that accept your original Coleco controllers as well a SNES controller compatibility. A facet I was looking forward to was a modernized Colecovision controller since I don't like the Coleco controllers. On the other hand it comes with a Pack-in Game (Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death) along with ten built-in homebrew games and an SD card slot from which to play ROMs.

It may seem pricey, but there is a lot of great value in this console. Definitely check out their Kickstarter page for all the details. This is a cool creation, but it is also an important step in lengthening the Colecovision's life span and the homebrew community. So few consoles get a second chance to re-invent themselves for the next generation, I hope the Phoenix project is a success!

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console
October 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you criticize Taylor Swift for voicing her political opinion, you're probably afraid of her reach

Taylor Swift releases a statement supporting Democrats
Celebrities have a voice that reaches outside traditional channels and shows those listening how important it is to pay attention to politics.
Taylor Swift is a celebrity we don't hear too much from outside her wheelhouse as a music mega-star. Her sudden backing of a Democratic candidate and roasting of his opponent was a new political boldness she's not put forth before. Debate began swirling around regarding recent jumps in voter registrations. Some attribute it to Swift's political endorsement on Instagram. While she has 112 million followers, one would expect an increase as registration deadlines quickly approach. Either way, I applaud her statements.

While many tried to be dismissive saying her teenage fan-base isn't old enough to vote, they need to realize that behaviors are often changed generationally by targeting youth. It may seem like e lost cause today, but the change will come in the future. There are fewer smokers today because programs reached kids who have now grown up to be non-smokers.

Our online culture is toxic at best and goes downhill from there. So, when Swift made a political statement on IG, many complained and even more offered threats. Even the President had derogatory comments about her politics, saying he liked her music 25% less. Whatever that means.

As we see social media users clash over politics, they all seem to revere the political process as something worth fighting over. I think our system is outdated and was never devised to serve the public. Many voters are anxious to vote Republicans out of office over their horrible and rushed farce of getting a radical conservative on the Supreme Court. They saw an opportunity and steamrolled toward it as if their lives depended on it. They do.

They don't care about the longevity of their political careers. Being voted out of office means nothing to any of them. Swinging the balance of the highest court in the land earns them life-long (and beyond to their children) privilege within the walls of our countries largest companies. From board appointments and untold wealth, those who forced Kavanagh past rape allegations to a court appointment are now set for life. Follow the money. No one in Congress knows anything about the greater good. It's a breeding ground for greed.

From Taylor Swift's Instagram:
I'm writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in which I'll be voting in the state of Tennessee. In the past I've been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.

I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love. Running for Senate in the state of Tennessee is a woman named Marsha Blackburn. As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry.

These are not MY Tennessee values. I will be voting for Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives. Please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote based on who most closely represents your values. For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.

So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count. But first you need to register, which is quick and easy to do. October 9th is the LAST DAY to register to vote in the state of TN. Go to and you can find all the info. Happy Voting!
October 7, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With Mega Man 11 on retail shelves, it was a weekend full of platformer bliss

it's really cool to get a brand new game in a decades-old franchise and love it!
Mega Man 11 for Switch
October 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The prospects of a Toys R Us revival seem hinged on a pop-up shop strategy, Geoffrey's Toy Box

Geoffrey's Toy Box
Positioned inside another retailer, like Target, the shop would be similar to the Coffee shops seen inside such stores.
Rumors of a Toys R Us comeback have folks hoping the vacant storefronts will suddenly come back to life... full of toys. Alas, the business world does't move that fast... or that way. The lenders now want to fill the void left by the toy-giant's demise.

The most prominent theory travelling around the web is Geoffrey-themed pop-up stores - aptly named Geoffrey's Toy Box - some situated inside larger retailers. This would be similar to the way Starbucks exists inside many Target locations. Starting small sounds good, but what should a new TRU really be? Few knew what they were formerly.

The Misunderstood Premium Model

Toys R Us was a premium toy store. With plentiful locations featuring massive stores full of a wide variety of items, they were unlike anyone else. Their stature separated them from the competition. When I was a kid, TRU was the only place to go for the enormous variety. Such an offering is not inexpensive. It takes a lot to maintain such a lavish inventory.

When I was a kid, this model held up and allowed TRU to rule the toy sector at retail. In today's economy, folks will drive to the next town to save a nickel. Price is the guiding factor. Many "toys" have become commodity items, sought after based on the lowest price. Forget quality. Dollars are the target. This is why so many folks think the two toy aisles at Wal-mart are an adequate replacement for Toys R Us. Big vox-stores can pull this off with drastically lower prices, and the a very narrow product line.

Geoffrey's Toy Box

A revival will have to start small, drop TRU's formerly high pricing, and become the toy experts, not just retailers. Wal-Mart can sell toys, but their expertise falls flat. They only command price. The big box-stores selling toys have no character or purpose beyond selling product. Geoffrey's Toy Box has to be similarly low-priced while not focusing entirely on selling. These locations have to be a destinations. I can order toys from the comfort of my home. To get me into a brick & mortar store you have to offer what Amazon can not. A dynamic experience demonstrating expertise and knowledge.

The old Toys R Us can not come back. It was a behemoth. Geoffrey's needs to act like a nimble start-up not a continuation of TRU. They need to reinvent as a small focused company that can bring TRU fans back and retain them by being a surprisingly different experience that curates an offering and atmosphere the big box-stores can never pull off.

I don't need TRU to come back. I need toy stores to be a viable business. I don't want to wade through tube socks, tennis balls, and household goods. I want access to interesting toys with an experience that showcases them. Toy stores are important and Geoffrey's Toy Box must showcase that in a dynamic destination-oriented experience. I have faith in Geoffrey!
October 3, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

October 3rd is Mean Girls Day and this year it's on a Wednesday- we wear pink on Wednesdays

Mean Girls cast
Based on dialog from the 2004 movie, Mean Girls Day revels in the wrath of The Plastics and wearing pink on Wednesdays!
Catch up on this classic film from 2004. Mean Girls captured a very relatable teen scenario in which cliques clash over the their differences, not realizing how insignificant the petty gripes really are. Many of us can remember kids from high school just like The Plastics and all the petty trouble they caused.

Some of the dialog has been co-opted to create Mean Girls Day and it has an added benefit this year, since October 3 falls on a Wednesday. Fire up your DVD player and chill with Cady and Regina & her Plastics. It's a fun flick!

Mean Girls Day is October 3rd On October third, he asked me what day it was. It's October third.

Mean Girls Day is October 3rd On Wednesdays we wear pink.

If you have the Mean Girls Nintendo DS game, this is the ideal day to fire it up! If you live in New York, you can hit up the August Wilson Theatre on 52nd for Mean Girls Showtimes. These shows often tour, so maybe it will appear in other cites. Or buy the soundtrack. I dig the movie soundtrack, curious to hear the Broadway rendition.

Mean Girls on Broadway

So fetch!
October 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

AtGames series of Flashback Blast! video game dongles has an official website with game lists

AtGames series of Flashback Blast video game dongles
These HDMI dongles are a new way for AtGames to deliver the mixtures of games we've seen on the Flashback mini condoles over the years.
AtGames Flashback Blast logo AtGames is changing up the way they deliver retro gaming collections. Their new product line of FlashBack Blast devices are dongles that attach directly to your TV's HDMI port.

These small-size HDMI dongles remind me of the the all-in-one joystick-shaped controllers that had around 10 arcade games built in. Unlike theFlashback's usual 80 to 100+ built in games, these smaller units perhaps filled another niche.

Branded as Flashback Blast! the "console" is the size of an oversized USB drive and attaches one of your TV's HDMI ports - and that's it. Or course HDMI is not a powered port the way USB is, therefore you will still need A/C power for each Flashback Blast dongle.

Pair up the wireless controller and you're playing! Of course these dongles have no ports the way the flashback mini consoles did. Thus you can no longer use your trusty old atari joysticks in the DB9 port. Here's hoping the AtGames controllers are robust and reliable.

It seems as though the mini-console concept is still alive with AtGames and the Flashback product line. We're accustomed to their Atari and Sega offerings, but they've also released Intellivision and Colecovision versions. This year there is a Legends mini Flashback console with a mix of Arcade and Atari 2600 games. This is an interesting change.

Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! from AtGames

Bandai Namco Flashback Blast!

This device has 8 built-in games with a slight variation of offerings on the Wal-Mart exclusive version of the Blast! unit.

    Standard Version
    Game List

  1. DIG DUG
  4. MAPPY
  5. PAC-MAN
  6. SKY KID
    Wal-Mart Exclusive Version
    Game List

  1. DIG DUG
  4. MAPPY
  6. PAC-MAN
  7. SKY KID

Legends Flashback Blast! from AtGames

Legends Flashback Blast!

This device has 12 built-in games with a mix of video games from arcades and the Atari 2600.

    Game List

  1. BurgerTime
  2. Burnin Rubber
  3. Escape It!
  4. Front Line
  5. Jungle Hunt
  6. Lock n Chase

  1. Miss It!
  2. Polaris
  3. Shield Shifter
  4. Space Invaders
  5. Space Raid
  6. Strip Off

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.1 from AtGames

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.1

This device has 20 built-in games from the Atari 2600.

    Game List

  1. Centipede
  2. 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
  3. Air-Sea Battle
  4. Bowling
  5. Desert Falcon
  6. Dodge 'Em
  7. Fatal Run
  8. Golf
  9. Human Cannonball
  10. Millipede

  1. Miniature Golf
  2. Radar Lock
  3. Save Mary
  4. Sprintmaster
  5. Swordquest: Earthworld
  6. Swordquest: Fireworld
  7. Swordquest: Waterworld
  8. Tempest
  9. Yars' Revenge
  10. Yars' Return

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.2 from AtGames

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.2

This device has 20 built-in games from the Atari 2600.

    Game List

  1. Adventure
  2. Adventure II
  3. Asteroids
  4. Atari Video Cube
  5. Championship Soccer
  6. Crystal Castles
  7. Double Dunk
  8. Gravitar
  9. Haunted House
  10. Maze Craze

  1. Missile Command
  2. Off The Wall
  3. Realsports Baseball
  4. Realsports Tennis
  5. Secret Quest
  6. Sky Diver
  7. Submarine Commander
  8. Surround
  9. Video Chess
  10. Video Pinball

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.3 from AtGames

Atari Flashback Blast! Vol.3 (Wal-Mart exclusive)

This device has 20 built-in games from the Atari 2600 and they all use paddle controllers. Wireless paddle controllers, included with the unit.

    Game List

  1. Backgammon
  2. Blackjack
  3. Breakout
  4. Canyon Bomber
  5. Circus Atari
  6. Demons to Diamonds
  7. Night Driver
  8. Steeplechase
  9. Street Racer
  10. Stunt Cycle

  1. Super Breakout
  2. Video Olympics: Basketball
  3. Video Olympics: Foozpong
  4. Video Olympics: Handball
  5. Video Olympics: Hockey
  6. Video Olympics: Pong
  7. Video Olympics: Quadrapong
  8. Video Olympics: Super Pong
  9. Video Olympics: Volleyball
  10. Warlords

Activision Flashback Blast! from AtGames

Activision Flashback Blast!

This device has 20 built-in Activision games from the Atari 2600.

    Game List

  1. Atlantis
  2. Beamrider
  3. Chopper Command
  4. Cosmic Commuter
  5. Crackpots
  6. Decathlon
  7. Dragster
  8. Enduro
  9. Fishing Derby
  10. Freeway

  1. Frostbite
  2. H.E.R.O.
  3. Keystone Kapers
  4. Megamania
  5. Pitfall!
  6. Pressure Cooker
  7. River Raid
  8. Seaquest
  9. Stampede
  10. Starmaster

October 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Capcom's Mega Man 11 comes out tomorrow for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

The new game features 2.5D design, giving a more rounded look to the traditional 2D platformer we grew up with.
From what I've read, Mega Man 11 retains much of the gaming style we've grow accustomed to, with a few additions. Weapon-wise you can overcharge your weapons for different attacks with more firepower. Effecting the entire game's world is the ability to slow time to land jumps, dodge enemy fire... the uses are many.

I'm excited to pick it up. Did anyone get the amiibo bundle version?

Mega Man 11 for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One
October 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Which game becomes so frantic, you begin moving closer to the TV?

Burgertime always brought out a sense of manic urgency once those condiments convened on me!
When I was a kid we dat on the floor in front of the TV when we played video games. Maybe not this close... but close. No chairs. No recliners or fluffy couches. We sat on the floor for hours, delving as far as we could into the games we loved!

As the action ramped up we'd begin to lean in toward the TV. Before we knew it we were inching ever closer to the CRT as the dull blue-ish glow filled the room and time disappeared after Mom and Dad made up promise to go to bed soon.

Mega Man 11 for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One