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June 27, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Check out Lithobreakin' the latest EP from Alpha Chrome Yayo, exceeding the RDA of far out cosmic electro-funk

Lithobraking - to crash a spacecraft into the surface of a body, without measures to ensure survival.
Alpha Chrome Yayo's latest release can be previewed on Bandcamp and the EP arrives June 28. We've given it a listen and encourage you to dash off to buy a needed dose of the wildest synth-laden, booty shakin' tracks to voyage across the funkiverse!

Lithobreakin' is inspired in almost equal parts by the interstellar grooves of Zapp and Roger, vintage Sega Mega Drive title Toejam and Earl, and the surprisingly sexy world of astrophysics. I've pilfered many of ACY's descriptors in my brief mention here, because the dexterity and flow of his music surges forth in the same way his written word elicits your keen attention.

How can you resist? We love what he does and hope you'll check out his new EP Lithobreakin' on Bandcamp.

Get ready the new Berlin album Transcendance Alpha Chrome Yayo is a Belfast-based producer and musician, specializing in axe-laden cinematic synthwave.

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