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June 18, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kendall Jenner caught on a NYC bodega's security cam makes me want a Night Trap reboot in that old FMV style

Kendall Jenner at a NYC bodega
I'm down to solve a mystery as we track Kendall's journey through a city's inner world, finding clues and evading unsavory assassins.
When I saw what looks like security camera footage from Kendall Jenner's quick stop in a New York City bodega, I immediately thought of Dana Plato in Night Trap. Now that Night Trap has earned a modern release for PS4 and Nintendo Switch (via Limited Run Games) I yearn for that style of game that took an upcoming technology and dared to put it on an early 90's home console!

Putting full motion video on a home console was a gamble. Creating a game from it was an astounding feat. Night Trap crossed lines and led us down a sordid path that also revealed how far gaming technology could go.

On my Switch, Night Trap is a reminder of an interesting time in Gaming's history. Today's games are closer to movies than games in some cases. Still the FMV style of inserted clips was a cool concept. I'd love to see Kendall branch out into a video game role of some kind.

A mysterious woman trekking through the dregs of the big city. Searching through the rubble in an alley, she doesn't see him approach. When she regains consciousness, she's unsure where she is or how she got there. The monogram on his shirt is the clue. She thought it was a location. It's his initials. She has to get out - fast. Someone needs to put Kendall Jenner in a video game! She'd be totally cool.

Kendall Jenner scarfs pizza Kendall Jenner at a NYC bodega.

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