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June 22, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With very little promotion, I was curious to see Luc Besson's latest film, Anna - and I'm glad I did

Luc Besson's film, Anna
Simply because it's a familiar plot doesn't mean it's not a good movie. It was a fun interpretation of a familiar spy theme.
When ads showed up on my social media feeds for a new movie called Anna, it loked like a film that was right up my alley. I love spy films! A kick-ass female lead? Cool! I found it curious that I'd seen any of the typical advertising one sees for upcoming films. That intrigued me. I'm glad I took a chance on it. Anna was two hours of exciting fun.

However, if you read any of the reviews, you may conclude it's the worst of the worst. Movie reviews are a tragic waste of time. Before I see a film, I have no interest in someone's random opinion. I simply want to know the genre and basic plot.

For Anna, what drew me in was that it was a spy film. Next, I always love a female lead who knows how to fight. That's all I knew when I plopped down in a semi-reclining seat at my local theater.

It was an interesting story. Certainly one that has been told before, but there were twists, turns, and gunfire. Sasha Luss was terrific as the lead role of Anna. She took a beating and doled it out all the same. The story was revealed through a variety of time-shifts that revealed and explained other areas of the plot. Sure, there were a few holes that didn't make sense, but that's true of any movie. It was full of energy and kept me on edge until the end. Friendships become betrayals and it all had me engaged. Go have some fun - its a cool spy film!

Is she a spy, a model, or a killer? Anna has many talents!
Movie reviewers want to harp over the spy theme not being original. Today's movies are almost always reboots of past renown films or direct copies of foreign films. Finding an original movie is nearly unheard of in today's entertainment world.

People can't just enjoy a two-hour story. They have to make comparisons and call out anything they feel will induce outrage if positioned just so. People have forgotten how to have fun. Everyone is caught up in social norms and trying to find faults. Hate is the new existence.

If you want to enjoy movies... don't read reviews beyond finding out the basic genre and never watch trailers. Trailers and reviews ruin movies. It's ten dollars and two hours. It's not like buying a house or investing your retirement fund. It's just a movie. Go have some fun. Escape from the day-to-day nonsense and get lost in a fun story. Trying to find fault - in a desperate attempt to seem smart or relevant - is a waste of time and energy.

Going to the movies should be a fun escape from reality - a place where you can suspend belief and enjoy a story. Have we all lost the ability to acknowledge fun for what it is? Chill out and enjoy a fun film.

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