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May 2019 Retro Gaming Article

May 3, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The “Welcome To Arcadia” documentary chronicles arcade history from the turn of the century to today

Welcome To Arcadia documentary
From the team that created the retro-computing film, Viva Amiga, comes another film - this time revealing a detailed history of arcades.
Welcome To Arcadia documentary logo Welcome To Arcadia, from director, producer, and filmmaker Zach Weddington, examines arcades from the turn of the century to modern times. Too many documentaries like this begin in the late '70s or early 1980s. This misses so many amazing mechanical games that are just as important to arcade history as Defender and Street Fighter.

A notable element of this documentary is it is truly a 100-year history of arcade games. You'll be surprised at the games that led up to all your favorites from the boom of the 80s. I'm excited about this film and craving more info.

They have a Welcome To Arcadia Facebook page, but the most timely updates seem to be on their Twitter account.

Featured in this project are two heavyweights in the gaming preservation and collection arena. Jon Torrence is renown in the antiques industry with a huge collection of antique coin-op amusements. In the pixelated world of gaming is Doc Mack, the owner of Galloping Ghost Arcade near Chicago. Galloping Ghost has become the largest arcade in the world with over 600 games and a new & growing pinball offering.

We're excited to watch the progress as production continues and see the final product. It's scope alone makes this an exciting project created from a love of arcades and the games that made them incredible destinations!

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