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June 23, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ariana Grande is the youngest female artist to make $2 million from a single US arena date

Will this revenue be possible when artists shift to streaming singles rather than releasing cohesive albums?
Ariana Grande generated 2 million dollars at one show At The Forum in Inglewood she grossed $2,149,419 with an audience of 14,417 people. This info was posted by Pop Crave on Twitter and IG. Yes, I'm aware this is a gross figure not her personal take for the night. Still, that's an astounding amount of money for a single date on a world tour. Granted she's immensely popular, but... wow!

That's just a crazy amount of money to make in one night! On the other hand, most concert tickets are $100 or more and a single t-shirt usually costs $50, so that might not be the most unbelievable feat when you really look at the numbers. But that's the kind of money I associate with a Rolling Stones tour or U2.

It will be interesting to see how concert tours are put together as more artists adopt the streaming model and stop releasing albums. A lot of them simply drop singles whenever they feel like it, without tying the music together on an album. Ariana's current tour is in support of her Sweetener album. Will tours be as popular when not album-focused. It's a change that I don't think I"m ready for.

Albums Define and Combine Music

I like albums... the concept of grouping songs into a defined frame. The Eagles are doing a tour now and playing their Hotel California album in full. That's a cool concept that a bunch of bands have done. I like the cohesion of songs bound to an album. a string of singles has no era or frame of reference. It feels like a lack of curation to me. I love listening to a new album for the individuality of the songs, but also how they fit together.

I'm way old school, I guess. No streaming. Still love CDs. I like music to fit into a unit like an album or era. A string of singles is a whole different thing to me... Have to see how this all plays out over time.

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