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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 26, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari fans rally together over love of 8-bit classics, but the next unifier may be a class action lawsuit

Atari VCS render
Atari has gotten away with a lot over the last several years, but they can't collect $3 million and offer nothing in return to their backers!
Atari collected over Three million dollars via crowd funding on Indiegogo and has yet to show a working prototype console. A year away from delivery, this would cause great concern. At two months out, it's catastrophic. If they can't prove they've created this device now, it is safe to assume they have not and will not. I'm curious to see who organizes the class action lawsuit against Fred's Atari company.

Atari took three million dollars from 11,600+ backers on Indiegogo!
Social networks are full of contempt for the awful PR job Atari has done. But that's Atari. It's what they do. They offer polite discourse as they desperately try to buy time, but even staunch defenders are beginning to cry foul.

But it gets worse. On Facebook and Twitter, no mention of Atari's VCS goes without strong demand to "stop lying to us," "show us something real," and the list goes on in the comments. Atari often replies in short polite bursts, but largely these complaints stand.

Not so on Redit. Atari had moderator rights on a VCS forum. As the negativity grew, this "moderator" simply deleted negative posts. Their moderator rights were quickly revoked. Atari set up their own forum - an area they could control - and continued deleting posts.

This behavior really cements the idea that they have spent years doing nothing toward delivering a game console to backers. They've missed EVERY deadline for both announcements and the actual delivery of the VCS console. How far can they go? How much longer can they delay delivery? When will they face any consequences for continuing to take pre-orders for a console that does not exist? Legal ramifications? I'm waiting for the start of a class action lawsuit.

How long can Atari delay a class action lawsuit?
For me it started with the Game Watch. It was an ill conceived "smartwatch" with a focus on gaming. They collected money, said nothing, and skulked away without much notice. I was tempted by it - as an Atari product - but in the end it served no real purpose, so I passed. Then I heard how Atari simply ignored the project and delivered nothing. They wouldn't do that again... would they? Could they be that stupid?

More than 11,600 people paid over $3 million on Indiegogo for the new VCS game console. Atari can't even deliver a status update. I'm in it for only $30 for the classic joystick, but if a class action lawsuit arises, that will be an interesting development.

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