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April 15, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Every “Coachella Weekend Highlight” article neglecting BlackPink missed a spectacular performance

Ariana Grande's 7 Rings at Coachella
New to the Coachella stage and North American audiences, BLACKPINK killed it and secured a place as headliners!
As I browsed various articles highlighting the first weekend of the Coachella Festival, the mentions of BlackPink were surprisingly scarce. Ariana bringing *NSYNC on stage got a lot of coverage and was a cool colab/reunion. But the fact is - BlackPink is just beginning to develop a strong following in the States and the girls were phenomenal and put on a 50-minute set to a cheering crowd.

As relative newcomers, BlackPink performed like headliners. They were personally invited to perform and given very high billing. They took this opportunity and turned it into a win for K-pop and for themselves as future headliners. They embark on their first US tour at the LA Forum before their second weekend at Coachella, continuing into the end of May.

BlackPink are going to be huge global stars and I'm stoked to catch their second weekend at Coachella... on YouTube.

BlackPink at Coachella
BlackPink at Coachella

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