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April 2019 Retro Gaming Article

April 7, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Featured on Just Dance 2019, BlackPink's new video, Kill This Love, already reached 100 million YouTube views

BlackPink's Kill This Love
These women are going to blow up and become huge global stars.
Each new release from BlackPink seems to bring on a new achievement. This time out with Kill This Love, they already reached 100 million Youtube views. Their impact is just beginning. As a fan of rock and roll, music today is stagnant. It needs to be shaken up. Greta Van Fleet and Hey Violet are two bands that are blowing up and releasing great music.

On the pop front, everyone talks about Ariana Grande. She has a beautiful voice and tons of talent, but I find many of her songs monotonous and lacking real stand-out moments. "it all sounds the same" is a phrase I use to describe much of today's music.
BlackPink's Kill This Love
BlackPink is new and exciting. Hailing from Korea, they do things a bit differently than what we typically see in North America. From powerful lyrics to insane choreography, its a new take on things and they are beginning to fit into high profile places.

Playing Coachella is huge and following it up with a North American mini tour. BlackPink will solidify their brand across the nation. Who else is doing that these days? Anyone?

They are poised to dominate. After Ariana put out two albums in six months, BlackPink needs to release a full-length album, but I thing their unique style will cement them as an American fixture rather than a passing fad.

BlackPink on Just Dance 2019

Back In My Day...

As a music lover who developed my passion from a portable Panasonic radio in the 70s, I'm a bit depressed about the state of music in this day and age. I love rock and roll, metal, and more pop than I like to admit. My most prominent discoveries in my musical development was Kiss in the 70s, Judas Priest in the 80s, and Britney Spears in the 90s.

The music I love has a diverse range. From insane guitar solos to a rumbling drum beat, the music I love has style and uniqueness to each song. Music today is very homogenous. A majority of "musicians" don't actually play an instrument. Backing tracks seem like an afterthought to the vocals. Anyone who knows vocals can attest to the power and precision of Judas Priest's Rob Halford and they have such diverse music in that mix. Pop stars seem to rely solely on vocals.

My diatribe today really comes from a feeling that the music world needs a shake up. I think BlackPink's version of pop music will do that. I'm dying to see fan's reactions to their Coachella show. We need something different, energetic, and driving. These ladies deliver.

Halsey may already be onto this having just released a collaboration with BTS on "Boy With Luv." If you follow Babymetal, you may have seen how integrated they've become in the metal scene. Times are changing and it's about time!

BlackPink on Just Dance 2019

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