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October 2019 Retro Gaming Article

October 4, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro Fighters have released a modern controller for the new Genesis Mini console, Switch, Mac, and PC

Retro Fighters BrawlerGen USB
With a ten-foot cable and all the amenities of a modern controller, you'll love your Genesis Mini even more!
The mini console craze extending from the NES to the Genesis and soon the TurboGrafx-16, gives gamers a nice jolt of nostalgia. We all remember our favorite games from childhood and these mini consoles fill a void for some of us. However our memories of beloved games don't always come with fond memories of the controllers we had to use way back then - compared to today's ergonomic controllers.

Retro Fighters have created the BrawlerGen USB, a modern joystick compatible with the new Genesis Mini console as well as Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC. As much as those original controllers may delight you, the two that accompany the Genesis Mini are the 3-button variety. The BrawlerGen features six buttons, D-pad and analog stick.

From personal experience, I can say Retro Fighters makes phenomenal controllers. I've use their modern controllers on my NES and N64, On both consoles they change the way I play. It's amazing to discover new ways to play due to their modern layout and control options. I imagine this Genesis controller adheres to their high standards as well. Being able to use it on Nintendo's Switch and computers is an added bonus!

From the Retro Fighter' website:
  • Compatible with the Sega Genesis Mini, the Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac
  • Ergonomic and comfortable modern design
  • High quality, responsive D-pad
  • Comfortable, responsive analog stick
  • USB connector supports both D-input & X-input
  • Added "L" & "R" shoulder buttons
  • Extra long 10' cord

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