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June 11, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Arcade1Up announced Namco and Capcom cocktail-style arcade games, but the price is climbing

Arcade1Up cocktail style Pac-Man arcade game
Pac-Man and Street Fighter are great games, but when WalMart discounts the original cabinets to 50%, how does the price go up?
Arcade1Up has brought an arcade vibe to the home. I loved playing Space Invaders on my Atari 2600, but there was a stark difference between the home port and the game I loved in the arcade. Arcade1Up offers arcade ROMs in an arcade-like cabinet. initially, they were 3/4 size upright cabinets that were too small to stand and play without a riser to bring the cab to a decent level.

I love the concept, but the price seemed a bit high and the quality of the cabinets was "thinner" than I'd hoped. It's a great product, but it's not fo r me, but that's OK. In the right situation these are great games!

To be honest, I was surprised how quickly they were discounted at retail stores. They quickly hit 50% off and still there were stacks of them at my WalMart. I had the opportunity to try on in-store demo twice. Bothe times the poor cabinets had suffered the kind of abuse that only comes from public display. This is no fault of Arcade1Up. However, I found the monitor to be too small for my liking and the cabinet's wood panels were a bit too thin. Each of the demo units swayed when you moved the joystick, which came from total abuse, but still demonstrates the build's potential weakness.

Cocktail Models

E3 has brought us a cocktail style sit-down configuration. This solves the height issues of the first round of upright cabinets. I wonder if it's the same product in a new configuration or if there has been an update to the cabinets/electronics. But then there's's the price...

The Namco machine has 8 games and the Capcom one has 12 games with stereo sound. They even boast a split screen Street Fighter! But all this goodness has a toll. The price tag is $500.Having seen the first run go from $300 to 50% off and then $99... I feel $500 is a bit steep. They've brought a lot of great retro arcade games into homes, but the quality doesn't match the price tag for me.

Arcade1Up cocktail style Pac-Man arcade game

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