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April 2019 Retro Gaming Article

April 5, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Initially an April Fools joke, this Virtual Boy book is now on Kickstarter as a legitimate campaign

Begun as an April Fools joke, this Virtual Boy book is on Kickstarter
The Virtual Boy gets so little respect, I'd love to see a book commemorating it's limited run and vibrant homebrew community.
The idea of a Virtual Boy book apparently began as a joke that became less funny and more serious. Now as a short-running Kickstarter, the Complete Virtual Boy book has met it's funding goal and looks as though it may reach another stretch goal. If you owned and loved a Virtual Boy or wish you had one, this unique book should be an amazing tomb.

The book sounds as though it will focus on game reviews for all the games as well as homebrews. There is a section reserved for gamer stories and testimonials.

Author Jeffrey Wittenhagen, of Hagen's Alley Books, has written several other gaming anthology books with specific focus. Each one, funded via Kickstarter, has gone well above it's funding goal. Even though it began as a joke, I think there's a serious effort behind this campaign with a genuine desire to create a 100+ page book that will commemorate the stark redness of the Virtual Boy. It had a short life, but it was so insanely unique, I couldn't help but love it!.

I'm excited about this book's potential. If you're curious to know more about this game console, check out the Kickstarter campaign and see if this is a project that appeals to you. We're stoked!

Begun as an April Fools joke, this Virtual Boy book is on Kickstarter

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