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June 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you're a Cuphead superfan and own it on Xbox One & Switch, you need to buy a Tesla

Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Elon Musk is again porting games to his Tesla's dashboard screens and he chose the most frustrating game possible!
Not long ago, I read Elon Musk was licensing Atari games for the in-dash screens of his Tesla cars. Once he clarified that the games could not be played while driving, it seemed odd, but harmless. I guess the screen is larger than most, making the Tesla's dash game-friendly. Everyone loves a game of Asteroids or Breakout, right?

So, this time, he has chosen to port Cuphead to his car's dashboard. Video games on an automobile's screen seems like an unlikely pairing since most of us also have our phones which are much more immersed in gaming than an off-size dashboard screen. But here's the part I don't get...

Turning the difficulty of Cuphead into road rage!
Airlines tend not to show disaster films on their in-flight entertainment screens. So, why induce road rage by offering a game renown for difficulty and frustration?!? 8-bit Atari games can be frustrating, but they are plenty of titles that are good simple fun. Why potentially irritate a driver when they are more than likely going to be driving.

No one hops in the car to play games. You're there to drive. Travel. Get to a destination. Stay home or pull out your phone for games. This scenario makes me think there will soon be a "Cuphead defense" when it comes to trials involving road rage.

Cuphead is part of a summer update for Tesla Model 3, Model S, AND Model X vehicles.Thanks, Elon.

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