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May 11, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Detective Pikachu was more fun after they moved us to a theater with functioning sound

Detective Pikachu movie ticket
Unsure what to expect, Detective Pikachu was an entertaining film, but don't expect any similarity with the traditional game series.
Detective Pikachu Last week I picked up a copy of Detective Pikachu for my 2DS. When I first heard of this title it seemed like an odd concept. A live action movie? Absurd! I've played a few Pokemon games in my time, but in a casual fashion - not really knowing what I was doing. I wanted more info before tackling Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.

The movie followed the game quite a bit. The game is unlike any other Pokemon release as you may imagine since he's a detective. You follow a linear story, that pulls you along if you stray, and collect clues to the whereabouts of Tim Goodman's father.

I'm not a huge fan of puzzle games, but solving this mystery felt more like an old school adventure game where you feel you're exploring, but you're really being led around. It's a fun game, and was a good prep for seeing the film. I like Ryan Reynolds, but each time his voice took a sarcastic tone, I'd see Deadpool, not Pikachu.

The flick began with sound problems that escalated because all the coming attractions were silent and then the film began - in silence! It was finally resolved by letting us go to the next showing which was beginning about the same time they gave up trying to "fix" the sound. On the plus side, each ticket purchased came with a Detective Pikachu card pack.

Folks like to classify films and being a "{Pokemon" film, it tends to be lumped into the Video Game category. I disagree with this. It seems more like a gritty fantasy flick. There are no gaming elements and Pikachu and the other Pokemon have no connection with the traditional game franchise. It's fun, but once was enough.

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