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May 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Burger King gets edgy with a line of “Real Meals” based on moods (they should add a Nintendo toy)

Burger King gets edgy with a line of Real Meals
This is no Happy Meal, but is a DGAF Meal the way to take a swipe at McDonalds during Mental Health Awareness Month?
I watched Burger King's video that accompanied the limited release of boxed Whopper meals, called Real Meals. There's nothing happy about it and maybe that's the point of this new boxed meal endeavor. Focused on a #FeelYourWay slogan, may not be the best way to engage mental health awareness while selling burgers.

Are we color coding our moods... with a side of fries?
These Real Meals come in a variety of packaging options based on moods. You can purchase a Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and "DGAF" Meal. My first reaction was finding this campaign a strange advertising tactic, but I totally want a DGAF Meal! But before getting too excited, these odd boxes are a limited offering in a few select cities (Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City).

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it seems BK partnered with an organization to advance an idea via Whopper meals. The video is pretty hardcore for BK considering the typically goofy ads they've used with that creepy guy in the "King" costume. I guess awareness is part of the solution, but I'm not sure a burger joint is a great fit for expressing moods or helping you #FeelYourWay.

I'm pretty sure Happy Meals don't inspire happiness (unless it comes with a Nintendo-themed toy) any more than Burger King's Real Meals will bring awareness about our moods. It's a personal thing. At the same time if a Pissed Meal helps you deal with your frustrations or a Sad Meal brings you together with someone to talk to - that's a good thing. But before the King gets any humanitarian awards, lets remember you can only get a Pissed Meal in five cities... while supplies last. Should have had toys. Nintendo toys.

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