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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 15, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Drivetime lets you combat the doldrums of driving with handsfree gaming

Drivetime mobile games for the car
Talking on the phone is a driving distraction. Just because these are handsfree games doesn't make it safe!
Don't play games while you drive. Just don't.

Drivetime is creating subscription-based content for the car. Via your smartphone you can play Jeopardy, trivia games, and even solve crimes in a detective game. All via handsfree audio. Their site speaks of how much time we spend sitting still in traffic and continues stating drivers need entertainment while on the road. Maybe.

It's easy to see the dangers of texting while driving, but we tend to ignore how distracting it can be to simply talk on the phone while driving. Even handsfree, your phone is a distraction. Just because something is "handsfree" we shouldn't equate that with proper safety.

Everyone has to make their own decisions on using products like this. I like listening to music in the car, but I can see the appeal of Drivetime's games. As Amazon's Alexa becomes more prevalent in cars, I'm sure automotive entertainment will become big business in the next few years. It should be interesting to see if it has an impact on safety.

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