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February 2019 Retro Gaming Article

February 25, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Looks like the rumors of a Van Halen 2019 tour were misplaced... try some Converse EVH high tops instead

Eddie Van Halen 1978 High Top shoes
No tour. No Album. Soothe your sadness in these stylish EVH 1978 inspired Converse high tops.
Let's face it, The Van Halen brothers don't seem interested in extending their legacy. Eddie releases a signature guitar now and then. They released "A Different Kind Of Truth" in 2012 and reissued their first few albums n 2015 along with a live recording. However, there never seems to be any ongoing momentum.

I"m thankful for each morsel, but each little bit makes me want more. Seeing some of their recent live appearances, Eddie looks stoked to be on stage. So, anyway... You can snag a pair of Eddie Van Halen Converse high tops from the EVH store.

Eddie Van Halen 1978 High Top shoes Eddie Van Halen 1978 High Top shoes feature a live photo of Eddie from Van Halen's first world tour.
Eddie Van Halen 1978 High Top shoes These Eddie Van Halen 1978 High Top shoes commemorate Van Halen's debut album.

The description on the EVH Store:
This commemorative shoe, the 1978 High Top, honoring the occasion of Eddie's groundbreaking debut to the world stage with the release of the first Van Halen album, some 40 years ago. Adding to the growing collection of footwear offered by the EVH brand, the 1978 High Tops are a black and white classic high-top sneaker. The outer side features a live photo of Eddie Van Halen playing guitar on the first world tour, and the inner side of the shoe has 1978 prominently displayed in a circular badge.

The Eddie Van Halen logo appears on both the tongue of the shoe and on the back sole, and the back panel features his signature white with black striped pattern.

Pick up a Shark Guitar while you're at it.

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