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June 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Godzilla King Of The Monsters was a ton of fun and has me firing up my favorite Godzilla games

Godzilla King Of The Monsters was good mindless fun
Kick back for the glorious fun of a mindless romp through destruction, plot holes, and rampant monster battles!
I have a love of Godzilla video games and loved the 2014 movie. Going into a Godzilla movie, you have to suspend belief, dismiss plot holes, and enjoy the fighting & city-stomping. There's no expectation of greatness, craving of formidable dialog, nor education about world species. It's a monster movie! They're big, destructive, and not seeking Oscar nominations.

My son and I love playing these Godzilla games, so the film was a natural fit for our taste! Monster vs monster games are my kind of fighting games. Sure, the traditional fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken are fun, but there's something about choosing a character - that's a gross hulking monster - that adds an extra element of fun. Same with movies. Monster movies don't come along all too often, so when Godzilla stomps into theaters, go with the flow and enjoy the madness.

Enjoy the destruction, Godzilla is good mindless fun!
2019's Godzilla King Of The Monsters film did not disappoint - unless the last movie you enjoyed was a giddy rom-com. There's something unpredictably fun about monster films. If you're a fan of 2014's Godzilla movie, this one should thrill you. At the same time, it's worth noting that the story may be a tad muddled. But tat's expected, right? If you seek sensible dialogue, why go to see Godzilla - lol.

I'm OK with scientists studying these Monsters, but when the film cuts to global political debates about dealing with enormous monsters, my eyes roll and I yearn for another fight sequence. fortunately, the political banter is minimal. Probably the best element of this flick is the diversity - or perhaps quantity - of monsters. It's got 'em all! Good fun, if you like this genre of decadent fun.

I loved this film. It was fun and that's all it's supposed to be. The one question I have is how did Millie Bobby Brown wind up in mindless city-stomping monster flick after all the critical acclaim for her in Stranger Things?

If you've played these Godzilla games, you'lll love the Godzilla King Of The Monsters movie

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