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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 7, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I watched Good Burger tonight and later discovered there's a pop-up restaurant in Hollywood

Good Burger Pop-up restaurant
Pop-up restaurants have become quite popular with the high level of detail in recreating famous TV & movie restaurant sets, ready to serve!
Good Burger is one of those annoyingly silly movies that you just have to like. The ridiculousness alone is funny. I hadn't seen this movie in ages, but it was playing on cable so I dug in. Like most movies it brought back a lot of memories. The battle against Mondo Burger. Crazy stuff. But now YOU can eat at Good Burger, if you live in Hollywood.

A pop-up recreation of the movie restaurant opened on July 10 for a limited time, through Sept. 29 - then moving to Chicago. There was a similar pop-up restaurant for The Max restaurant from Saved By The Bell. I believe 90210's Peach Pit was around as a pop-up at one point.

If you're into high levels of nostalgia, check out the Good Burger Pop-up restaurant on Instagram for links to their reservation site. Looks like fun and the arcade games are set to free-play!

Good Burger's All That Game Room Serving Good Burgers, Good Chunks and Good Shakes... they even have an All That Game Room.
Good Burger's All That Game Room The All That Game Room has Football, Defender, Zaxxon, and what looks like a multicade of some kind. They also mention adding a Nintendo 64 console. Cool!

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