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August 3, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

“I Want My Mtv” documents a glorious era when the "M" stood for Music and videos were as important as songs

I Want My Mtv documentary
This documentary debuted at the Tribecca Film Festival in May 2019.
I'm dying to see this documentary, “I Want My Mtv,” about the beginnings of the Mtv network. I love music, but even to me, the notion of watching music just didn't compute. I didn't get it when I first heard about Mtv.

We didn't get cable TV at the outset of Mtv, but we had it in the early 80s and as soon as I saw for myself what Mtv was doing - I was hooked! They brought a whole new dimension to music. I've always loved album art and considered it along with any inserts and sleeves to be an integrated part of the music I loved. Having a video component to many of the songs I loved was amazing. It let me see the heroes I associated with my favorite music.

As they added additional programming, I was glued to it. I adored Beavis and Butthead and all the bands that were showcased on the boy's tv, with commentary. Mtv was everything I could have hoped for.But it didn't last. It devolved into a lame reality TV network with shows catering to the lowest common denominator of television.

I'm hoping this documentary will restore my love of Mtv and bring back those magical times when seeing a song was just as important as hearing it!

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