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June 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

IHOP is at it again and have inserted a cheddar pancake into their burgers, like the Big Mac's center-bun

IHOP's limited run menu item the Big IHOP IHOP Big IHOP
Those who disparaged last year's IHOb name changing campaign will be put on the "Bancake" list, cuz IHOP's all about burgers... and pancakes.
IHOP is determined to make us believe they are a pancake restaurant that sells hamburgers. OK, I'll buy into that. Next they expect us to accept a burger with a pancake in the middle. OK, maybe. This Big Mac-ish contraption is apparently a limited menu item - part of this year's promotion.

You may recall their fake name-change from last year a campaign in which they purported a name-change to iHOB and we were supposed to guess what the 'B' stood for. This was all under the guise that iHOB was to be the new name for the restaurant chain. Um... "burger"?

Regardless what you think of these pancake/burger campaigns, they're attracting attention. Love 'em or hate 'em... they ar engaging a lot of people. Other industries... take note! I kind of wish they had changed a few marquees to IHOb and leave us with a permanent pancake/burger combo. It's fun. We need more fun in advertising.

The stats say it all - the IHOb campaign was a win, with burger sales quadrupling following the promotion. One year after the launch, burger sales remained double what they were prior to the IHOb campaign. And now you can have a cheddar pancake in the middle of your burger... for a limited time.

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