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June 4, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

AtGames seems to be testing the waters with a full-size arcade cabinet full of ROMs Legends Ultimate

Some of their Flashback products have had quality issues with ROM versions and sound. I hope this line is well planned and executed.
AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade game cabinet AtGames recently issued a press release about their upcoming full-size arcade cabinet full of arcade and home console ROMs. Called the Legends Ultimate arcade machine, you may remember a recent Flashback console with the Legends moniker. This seems to be a bigger version - much bigger - again containing a mix of arcade and home console game ROMs.

Much like the Arcade1Up games, this seems similar, having 2-player controls, built-in games, and an arcade-style enclosure. Where it differs is size and number of games. Legends Ultimate is a singular unit containing a few hundred games and is full-size stand-up cabinet enclosure. I've also seen a few posts about wifi connectivity that allows the addition of more games.

I'm not finding a lot of consistent info about size, price, screen size & type or number of included games. However, it seems to be a standard arcade size - larger that the Arcade1Up units and come with 300-400 game roms, both home and arcade versions. Most sites list a price around $400.

Confirmations about the specs should come soon since AtGames will be at E3 and probably wants to show off the Legend Ultimate. They've never created anything of this size!

Legends Ultimate Is A Substantially Larger Product

Each Holiday season, AtGames releases their miniature home consoles full of Atari (and sometimes other manufacturers) games. It's a nice dose of nostalgia and these units are typically in the $15 to $45 range. Last year the Flashback line was released under the name, Flashback Blast and came in a new format- HDMI dongles. The Legends Ultimate is large in size and a much more expensive than prior product lines.

In the past, some AtGames mini consoles have had poor controllers with IR connectivity and the renown Genesis Classic with very poor sound. At the same time, I'm definitely a fan of their Atari Flashback consoles for price, ease of use, and variety of games. This cabinet has the potential to succeed, but it will only take a few cut-corners to doom it. I hope it will succeed. I'm very interested to learn more about it during E3.

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