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October 2019 Retro Gaming Article

October 1, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Will multiple lawsuits impact AtGames most ambitious product - the Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine?

AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine
350 games in a full-size cabinet is tempting, but AtGames has been plagued with tech issues in the past and lawsuits in the present.
I was excited when I first heard some solid info about AtGames' Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine with 350 games and a full suite of controls from 6-button clusters to trackballs and spinners. The main drawback for me was AtGames track-record with come of their smaller Flashback-style consoles.

The Sega Genesis model has been plagued with issues from color accuracy to faulty sound. It was all traced back to their emulator, but it was never fixed over all the years they sold the console. So, what issues might this new Legends Ultimate cabinet have?

I'm a stickler for build quality in the cabinet and having robust buttons and controls. This is not an area where I want to see a company trying to save a few dollars. Speaking of dollars, AtGames has become involved in two seemingly large lawsuits this year.

It began with claims of trademark infringement with Bandai Namco over Ms. Pac-Man and more recently with Walgreens claiming breach of contract over returns on the Blast HDMI dongle consoles

Regarding the impact of these lawsuits, my main concern stems from the lack of info in recent weeks. The Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine was mentioned in a press release last October and moe recently in June/July. However, there seems to be no news lately. I'd love to know which retailers will carry this machine and when it will go on sale. The dearth of info makes me nervous in light of the Walgreens lawsuit.

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