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October 2019 Retro Gaming Article

October 25, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

iam8Bit is offering the original Aladdin and Lion King games on cartridges

iam8Bit Aladdin and Lion King games
Back in the day, these games were released for both platforms, but Aladdin is on a Genesis cart and Lion King is for SNES.
When 16-bit games first came on the scene, I was into space battles and easily passed over any Disney fare in my quest for shooters. Thus, I missed out on these gems. However, a resurgence in interest has brought them to moden platforms once again. Both Lion King and Aladdin are available for Nintendo Switch. but what about retro gamers? Glad you asked...

Iam8bit is bringing both games back to their former platforms on cartridge. While both were available for Sega's Genesis and Nintendo's SNES, you can purchase Aladdin on a Genesis cartridge and The Lion King on a SNES cartridge.

I love the lion-colored SNES cart and that they went to both platforms for these games. However, the original games are not rare and can be found for about $15 each online. Iam8bit offering these limited release (4,500) of each game for $100 per cartridge. Keep in mind these come with a box and manual and really cool colors :)

If you're a gambler at heart, it's also worth noting that ultra limited versions of each game will randomly be sent to buyers. They say it's a one-in-eight chance of getting Aladdin in Ruby Red or Lion King in Serengeti Sunrise. You can't order these ultra limited versions - it's luck of the draw. It's an interesting tactic, but this is out of my price range, even if they have really cool translucent rares.

Even though pricey, it's nice to see a company giving such games the royal treatment and re -releasing them CIB with some really cool options. If this is the kind of collectible you crave, head over to Iam8bit and check out these cool cartridge-based games on the Iam8Bi website, for Genesis (Aladdin) and SNES (Lion King)!

The Lion King for SNES from iam8bit The Lion King for SNES from iam8bit.
Aladdin for Genesis from iam8bit Aladdin for Genesis from iam8bit.

iam8Bit Aladdin and Lion King games

iam8Bit Aladdin cart in a Sega Genesis console

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