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June 27, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Star Wars repros coming to Game Boy and NES, on actual cartridges, via Limited Run Games

Star Wars repro coming to Game Boy via Limited Run Games
They're also releasing Star Wars Bounty Hunter for PS4!
Limited Run Games has partnered with Lucasfilm Games to release classic Star Wars video games on physical media for a variety of platforms. The first of these games are coming to Sony's PS4 (Star Wars Bounty Hunter) and the classic Star Wars game for Game Boy and NES on June 28th.

Not long ago we bought Golf Story's Galf game for the NES on an actual cart from LRG. Lots of fun and we hoped there would be more. Well, here they are.... more, in the form of Star Wars games on carts. I'm excited to see how these repros turn out!

Star Wars repro coming to NES via Limited Run Games Some people have complained that the originals can be found for less than the $40 asking price, but Limited Run Games are releasing them in blister packs, with authentic 9" x 6" card, that preserve the packaging for play and display. There are also some Collector's Editions at

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